Synchronicity gets the bills paid on time

Tuesday December 30, 2008
Today began very early. After my morning yoga and meditation, it quickly became very hectic.  I keep one of those daily flip calendars on my desk, you know the kind: about 7″ x 7″.  I put my bill payment coupons in the calendar on the day I need to order payment, then each morning when I come in, I flip the calendar page to the new day and pay whatever needs to be paid.  Although I have a lot of bills, I don’t have much debt and it’s fairly easy to keep everything current.  I rarely use credit cards and am not a recreational shopper.  Clients and advertisers pay at time of service, so no one is ever past due.  It keeps things simple.

That is, it’s simple when I remember to turn the calendar page every day *grin*  Some days though, I feel I need an extra 12 hours to finish up, so I delay turning the calendar page until I absolutely have to.  So this morning when I came into the office, I turned the page and had a bigger than usual stack of bills.  In an ideal world, I would at that point just order payments sent and be done with it.  But, like many other sole proprietorships, what comes in each month also goes out each month.  It used to be quite a juggle, but is rarely a concern now.  Sixteen years later, I’ve got the formula down.   The key is simply to arrange my life so that I have money in the bank ahead of time to pay for purchases I make.  And no problem, I typically do.
This month I also had the quarterly installment property tax payments on several parcels, and due to my flu I’d cancelled a week’s worth of readings, which is how Andrea’s bills get paid.  So I began my process…  My process is to first list on a page all the Horizons bills due on the left and all the Andrea bills due on the right.  I write the amount and due date for each as well.  Once I know how much I have to pay out, I get that figure in my mind.

Then I begin opening mail and logging payments into the system, then I make up a deposit.  I add the deposit amount in to the appropriate account and then reconcile my bank statements.  That lets me know how much each account has.    I used to balance my checkbook first and get a balance and  THEN tally my bills up to be paid.  But that way always left me with less cash than bills.  I figured out if I tally up the amount I need first, then balance the checkbook, that gives me a real strong desire and hopeful expectation that I will have exactly the right amount by the time I need it 20 minutes down the road.

That’s one reason I sometimes let checks sit unopened on my desk, because I want to crank up my excitement about the unknown, and imagine they can contain thousands more than I anticipate.  I like that realm of not knowing.  It gives me a chance to do some serious visualizing and pre-paving.

So my deposits are tallied up and added in, and they are within $108 of each other.  Although that’s cutting it close, I first think YAY!  Then I remember some merchant fees for credit card transactions will hit any day for almost twice that, so I can’t touch that money.  I open all the mail on my desk and come up with a $61 deposit that I will drive in so it is posted today.  Oh, I haven’t had to rush a deposit to the bank in years!  It was a good reminder and a good experience.  As I am driving out, I see my mail chick and wait to get the mail.  A big check I was waiting for had arrived – yay!   I ran inside and added it to the deposit, thinking: synchronicity.
Synchronicity.  Yes, even before I knew I had the big check, I managed to get everything paid and even have $108 extra.   I was down to the wire so to speak and, although I knew more was on the way, I did not have it in my actual hand yet…

As soon as I gave up my worried thought and thought instead, “more dollars will be here in a few days or something else will be shown to me,”  that’s when I reached the proper vibratory stance, the corresponding resonance, for the Universe to rendezvous me with the big check.  I almost left the house 30 minutes earlier and kept getting delayed – divine intervention.
I left the house and headed for the post office first, since I am also sending out the first batch of bills for the February Horizons.  To make my billing more manageable, I bill the big renewals the first day and the smaller amounts in the following days.  I trained myself to do it that way, as a reminder that by the time the first payments come in, the bills will need to be paid.

I used to pay my bills at the last minute because I was scrambing for the money; now if I pay them at the last minute it’s because I’ve been too lazy to flip the calendar to the next day.

At the post office, I got 2 compliments on my new red blouse!  I always have fun at the post office.  On to the bank for the deposit and the teller finds somehow a $100 check I’d included but not logged in…?  Now the Universe was just playing with me!   Because of that extra $100 check I’d overlooked – probably just stuck to another check – even without the big check, I would have had the exact right amount I needed to cover the merchant fees.  Once again the Universe was looking out for me – I had all I needed, but I didn’t know it so I acted as though I did not have it.  Hmmm, recurring lesson there for me, how about you?

Then I head on in to town to meet Fred Goodnight for Vietnamese soups at  Pho Cali  to discuss a project.   He tried the rice paper wrapped vegetarian spring rolls for the first time – dipped in fish sauce – yum.  We talked about how much we love the big giant soups and how important water is to a healthy system.  I’m more intuitive when I’m well hydrated and have deeper meditations.

It was almost 5:00pm when we parted, and I headed east over the Eau Gallie Causeway to the one Beall’s in town I had not yet gone to. I had an extra coupon and it was Monday, extra discount day!  I didn’t need more clothes but wanted to look at purses.  I don’t often carry a purse, preferring pockets, so purses tend to last me a long time.  But it was time if I could find one I liked.  I like one big enough to carry a few notebooks, my camera, my digital voice recorder and a book or two.  I like lot of pockets inside, lots of zippered compartments; I like a long shoulder strap.  Yes, I know I am describing a briefcase.  Old habits die hard…
I found one I liked pretty quickly, then walked past some flatware and decided it was time to buy another set.  I’d already been thinking about it, since mine is missing some pieces.  What I use now was given to me at my first wedding in 1970.  So it was another successful shopping trip for fairly essential items.  What began as an aggravating day ending up having been a great day.

It was also a great reminder that I have all I need, whether I know it or not.  That the Universe is looking out for me and is constantly arranging people, circumstances and events to rendevzous with me in synchronistic fashion to bring me good stuff.  It’s as if – gosh – it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom.

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