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I just put a Free Think & Grow Rich Action Summary online at You can click on the Think And Grow Rich book and it will open the pdf file and you can save it to your desktop or just read it.  It’s like a Spark/Cliff Notes version I did of the book, summarizing it and highlighting in red all the steps. So basically, even someone with little patience for reading can flip through it fast, glance at the red text and get the basics. Napolean Hill’s classic book helped me reprogram what I thought was possible regarding money and my abilities to earn it and attract it.  The parts in red were the crucial phrases for my understanding of how it works, that’s why I highlighted them for you.

Want to be brave and set an intention to double your income by the end of next year?  Or maybe just make an extra, say $20,000?    Without you having to work your tail off for it?  Without knowing right now how you might accomplish that?  No, you are not going to be asked to join anything or buy anything, or even give me your email address.  Just read the Free Think & Grow Rich Action Summary a little each day and give about 20 minutes to reflect on what you’re reading.

By doing this, you will begin to attract thoughts and ideas of what your next step might be.  Every time you sit and read and ponder a bit on the text, more pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall into place for you.  Your thoughts will attract new thoughts.  Each new thought will bring another thought, each time rising a little higher on the ladder, an upgrade with each turn of the spiral, each time sparking more insight and deeper grokkage.

Don’t worry right now just how you are going to make extra money.  What you already know on that topic has brought you to where you are right now, here reading this, so right now you don’t want to take advice from your own brain.   If you’re new to law of attraction, you may think “$20,000?  That’s an extra $385 a week!  I have NO idea how I could make that happen.”  That’s ok.  It’s not your job to know right now how to make that happen.

Your job right now is just read the Think & Grow Rich Action Summary and reflect on it and believe it’s possible that there is something you can know at the end of reading it that can change your world.  Something that can even give you access to a new lifestyle.

And I’m all about constantly upgrading my lifestyle.  Upgrading doesn’t just mean moving into bigger houses and driving fancier cars.   Upgrades can happen right where you are right now.  An upgrade could be as simple as having neighbors that become quiet and pleasant, and begin taking pride in the appearance of their property.  An upgrade could be that all your favorite clothes begin to fit again.  An upgrade could be that fears and addictions and health issues begin to fall away on their own, like outgrowing an allergy your body no longer needs to hold onto.  An upgrade could be that your children become responsible and do well in their studies and embark on successful careers.  An upgrade could be that new job opportunities are offered to you.  An upgrade could be that you meet new people who inspire you and who also seek meaning in life.   An upgrade could be that you awaken one day to the realization that you live in Paradise right now and wonder how you could ever have been so blind to the magic of it all before. And then again, an upgrade could be the new house, the fancy car, the lottery win, the inheritance from the unknown relative.  The upgrade will be whatever you truly believe is possible it can be.

Go read the free book at It will open your eyes to new possibilities available to you right now.  Right where you stand, right now, today.

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