Sunday’s East Garden Clearing

I should be doing bookkeeping and billing today but instead I cleaned up the east garden a bit. It was looking shabby after the leaves were off the trees and you could see the cut bamboo stored there, all askew atop the broken fence panel and stored timber.  I began by stacking all the fallen bamboo and the oak and pine deadfall.  Then I kicked the layers of leaves off the lumber on the ground and stacked it up. Next I walked out to the street to assess the view and determine where the bare spots were.  I took the pruners and began cutting a dozen large palm fronds and sticking them into the ground as along a fence line.  I cut all the dead fronds, large and small, and stuck them in the ground as well.  As they decay they will nourish the earth and until then, I have a bit of privacy from the daily passersby.  I hand watered most of the trees and bushes.  In the back of the property, my grumpy back neighbor cuts the branches of my big oak and leaves the huge branch debris in my yard, atop the turk’s cap hedge I’ve been trying to grow for about 3 years.  If that makes him happy, so be it.  It gives more light to the turk’s cap, as I see it.  So today I dragged all the big cut down branches over to my east property line near where he cut it, and stacked it neatly.  That cuts off any back route into the property so it was good to do anyway.  All in all, grumpy neighbor did me several favors.  The last thing I did before coming inside was use duct tape to get all the splinters from the palmetto fronds out of my hands.  And my billing?  Well, tomorrow is another day.

I Get Relief From My Acute Anxiety
I got sleep