Strength and healing come when we keep energy in motion

I see my spiritual brother Tod McNeal has offered chainsawing of downed trees in his area in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. My first thought is to yell at him because he has a severe cut injury on one hand that was just repaired a week ago. He should be resting it for 6 weeks while it heals, not doing heavy duty work with it.  And then I remembered that I was buying into the illusion. Strength and healing comes when we keep energy in motion.  No matter what limited resources you have, no matter what little bit of strength you have left in your body, if you use it to help someone in need, that can only be healing to mind, body and soul, despite any appearance in the temporary.  Tod is a generous and gracious gentleman who always, and I mean always, goes out of his way to help those in need. May he always be blessed with those who appreciate him and show him love in return.

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