Storytelling on Facebook or how I trick myself into pretending I have a social life

Last night I felt like I could use some socializing, but by the time I showered and washed my hair, I didn’t feel like driving out.  Since I had the rare night to myself, I opted to stay in.  I’d spent the day working on the October Horizons Magazine and, although I’d been talking with advertisers and publicists, I wanted some friendly interaction with people I actually know.  Or kind of know.  I turned to Facebook and posted:  Hey, let’s all tell a story! Write a few lines, picking up where the one before you left off. I got a long thread of great comments and the story went on for over an hour.  This is one reason I love Facebook.  I felt I was sitting around a campfire with my friends telling a goofy story.  It felt very companionable.  Here’s the story:

“Sassy was excited that it was Saturday evening. She had just washed her hair and was looking forward to…”

Andy TheHippie dancing at the sock hop….
Christine Galvin with her new boyfriend Carlos . . .

Andrea de Michaelis It was a shame she’d dressed for mountain climbing but she wasn’t going to worry about that now. Instead, she found herself

Ingrid Baker wearing her beautiful new dress

Lorraine Skor scoping out the freight yards in search of the time capsule that . . .

Mariah’s Studio-Ashe She decided to wear the Sandalo cologne that Carlos gave her for her birthday and sprayed a good measure on the hankerchief she tucked between her breasts deep inside her bra

Shakti Greene Just then a rocket launcher came barreling through her wall and she found herself being swept up in the arms of some super hero type creature who looked like a giant iguana

Andrea de Michaelis Was he there to rescue her or kidnap her?

Mariah’s Studio-Ashe He whispered in her ears wow you shure smell fantastic!!

Jennifer Lynn Burnett lmao……then she fell into a worm hole

Shannon Burnett onto a bed of red rose petals

Shakti Greene Suddenly she was set down in the midst of what looked like an alien operating room

Andrea de Michaelis <you guys are good> She didn’t want to wait to see what the aliens had in store for her, so she whipped the magic handkerchief out from her cleavage and used it like a magic carpet to get out of there

Andy TheHippie She went to Tijauana to meet up with the Iguana….

Andrea de Michaelis and saw he was a kindred spirit. But they’d have to live in California, the only state that would legally recognized an inter-species relationship

Shakti Greene but suddenly she looked up and saw a galloping unicorn riding across a double rainbow with a pot of gold and a leprechaun at the end of it and she wondered if it might be a sign

Andrea de Michaelis She was really glad she’d washed her hair, however all that travel made it look like snakes and she could really use a

Shakti Greene pair of scissors or a good conditioner.

Andrea de Michaelis I was thinking a better travel agent.

Timothy Martin but cest le’ vie she settled for a big floppy hat. Then……….

Mariah’s Studio-Ashe She started thinking to herself “What kind of LSD did I take today?”

Terri McNeely her cosmic hairdresser but that meant that she had to make another journey across the rainbow. Would Carlos go with her?

Mariah’s Studio-Ashe As the Unicorn tranformed into Carlos

Andrea de Michaelis and Oh what a ride that was, together of course with the magic mushrooms she got from the leprechaun

Terri McNeely but Carlos didn’t know that she had fairy dust in her pocket as well. However, fairy dust was not going to fix her snakey hair. But, did she have to tell him?

Valorie Vogenitz She wished he wouldn’t notice her snakey hair, after all, one look at that snakey hair and he would be a goner. Something about those snakes she tried to get rid of them…..Head n Shoulders didnt work, neither did Selsen Blue. There was nothing that could help her. Those snakes stood between her and her one true love…if only he could just look in her eyes instead.

Lisa Carlisle She knew in her heart she didn’t have to tell him cuz true love doesn’t care about snakey hair!!

Lisa Carlisle The fairy dust didn’t work on snakey hair but she threw the dust and said a magic chant that had him looking deep into her eyes with a love and passion unrivaled.

Dale Yeager Suddenly, there was a knock upon a door nearby…

Lisa Carlisle But in the heat of the moment neither heard nor cared. That fairy dust was top of the line sh*t.

Mariah’s Studio-Ashe Guess what?? They never answered that door and 9 weeks later, there were all kinds of little fairies flying through out the air!!! Or was that kittens??


Lisa Carlisle Lmao!!

Terri McNeely They were fairy kittens! What more would you expect from the union of an interspecies couple? As the moon was starting to rise ……

Lisa Carlisle They brought the drum outside to thank the man in the moon for his time.

Debra Dimick it occurred to her that she’d better get married in California after all, now that she had the kids. But the little kittens didn’t understand the place called ‘California’ and so she said to them:

Debra Dimick while dancing around the fire, she said to them:

Lisa Carlisle Moon beam moon beam we thank you for your grace and light.

Morganna Conrey As she reflected on the events of that evening she decided to lay off the hallucinogens and the powdery substance dubbed “Fairy Dust”!

Terri McNeely They continued singing & dancing around the fire. Sassy saw the fairy kitties were getting very tired. She felt that they needed to get to bed. After putting them to bed, Sassy said to Carlos, you never know honey any day California could decide that interspecies marriages are no longer valid. I think we better educate them that it doesn’t matter that they are different, we are all one & loved in the eyes of Creator.

Dale Yeager Far in the distance they could hear the sounds of the meandering giant, Igor. He was enjoying life in tropics now, considering a trip north, or possibly to the west…

Dale Yeager  A voracious, so far harmless predator, Igor consumed everything he could grasp; his size had doubled in the last three days. But it was lonely so far at sea. “Where are those I could commune with? How far must I travel for companionship?”  Little did Igor know, most who encountered a beast of his size would be in fear of him.

Terri McNeely Dale, we’re onto a new story, keep up here! LOL!
Andrea de Michaelis LOL~!  Dale is one of my favoritest exes ever <3

Ron May Yes, they set up a commune on Eagle Street, in an old Craftsman style wooden house with tall cobblestone pillars, stained glass windows, and numerous wicker chairs on the expansive porch. Carlos appeared in white robes, followed by a trail of young female retainers….

Jeffrey Smith hahahahahhaha. We did this “just for fun and laughs” story telling around a campfire, it was fun. Great story.

Terri McNeely I had so much fun with this!! Thanks guys for letting me share! I really needed the uplifting today!

Lisa Carlisle It was like creative writing class on crack; fun AND addictive!!!

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