I spend a relaxing Sunday morning

When I woke up Sunday morning, I took a drive south of US1, then est across the Wabasso Causeway (US hwy 510) and then north on AIA along the beaches.  I left early and I wasn’t sure what i was going to do, so I brought beach gear and had my swimsuit on under black jeans and my favorite oversized black Walmart man’s shirt.  As I drove east across Valkyria Road to get to US 1, I saw about a dozen bikers cycling in the road.  I thought what a beautiful bike ride Valkyria Road is.  I gave them each a wide berth, since there was no one else on the road but us each time.  As I came across the Wabasso Causeway and the bridge over Orchid Island, I looked down into the Indian River Lagoon and saw the morning boaters coming out.  As I got to AIA, I stopped for a quick look at Wabasso Beach at the end of Hwy 510, then headed north.

I saw a lot of bikes out, a lot of joggers, one guy rollerblading, and a dozen people out walking their dogs.  I was listening to some good tunes on the radio and it was a beautiful day for a drive.  I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.  I drove past the Windsor Polo Club to Sebastian Inlet State Park, where I stopped and took a walk out on the pier to watch the boaters make their way into the channel and get offshore.  There were maybe a dozen other people there, it was early yet.

As I continued my way north, I dodged the big sand crabs as they made their way back across the highway toward the beach. I could see cars lining up and down AIA for the day fishers, carrying their coolers and chairs.  One dude had the NY Times and a big cigar in his mouth.  I drove into Melbourne Beach, then Indialantic and checked out the Boardwalk.  It was not very busy yet, so I went down to my favorite beach access and parked, kicked off my shoes and took a walk down to the shore.

The tide was low and coming in.  The waves were very smooth and undulating.  It was a very hypnotic scene.  I sat for awhile then decided to go to Unity of Melbourne and I quickly brushed my hair out of its beach bun as I drove back across Melbourne’s 192 Causeway.  By this time the day fishers were out in full force and lined the causeway.  About every other parking space the length of the causeway was taken, with chairs and coolers all lined up.  It was good to see a lot of happy faces out on a beautiful Sunday morning.

I drove up US1 to Sarno and then north on Wickham to Unity, arriving just after the meditation, just in time to sing I Saw The Light.  Cool song! Rev. Beth always gives some goods news and yesterday it included that a newly discovered species of microbe is breaking down oil from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico and, in fact, is doing it much faster than scientists thought possible.  Simply another reminder that no matter what we humans do to our planet, God and Nature brings back the balance.

Unity had a good turnout and I saw friends and hugged and all that good stuff.  Then I grabbed a quick pho soup and fresh spring rolls and read a little in my book The Virgin of Bennington, Kathleen Norris‘ fourth memoir.  Then I headed back home and got some good work done.  It was all in all an excellent day.  I have so many of those these days.

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