Spiritual hypocrisy or just part of the process?

Facebook Friend Durga Adriane writes, “I’m just gonna say it: As much as I LOVE my yoga, Ayurveda, Hinduism, and Eastern spirituality- (and don’t get me wrong, I do love my people in that community as well)- when it comes to hanging out and being around folks, 99% of the time I would rather be around a bunch of drinking, swearing, partying, sometimes-smoking musicians. “But why?” my yoga peeps ask… because, frankly, the rocker bunch is almost always more straightforward and authentic, you can be yourself without people spiritual-judging you about how “enlightened” you are/aren’t “acting” and they don’t have this thing that you have to be all rainbows and fairies all the time or you “aren’t being spiritual.” I got SO sick of that when I was doing kirtan 3-4x a month, dealing with yoga studios, so-called “spiritual” venues, and all of the B.S. I kept encountering so I stopped. The hypocrisy was burning me out to the point that I didn’t even wanna do it anymore. (Not that I won’t again, I definitely will- but way more selectively.) -And I’ve been happier ever since!

Spirituality is not about rejecting parts of your human experience- it’s about evolving through them. We all screw up. The point is, are you trying to do better or just judging everybody else? Or would you rather shut up and play some music? ? And also, I’m not gonna stop saying Fuck. Ever.”  

Andrea writes: Realizations like that are a parting of the veil. Lots get so caught up in the pageantry and ritual they miss the essential teaching. Main complaints I hear (I publish Fla’s new age mag the last 25 years and have a busy reading practice) is how the spiritual groups, yoga classes and some stores are so clique-ish, with all the favorites socializing, co-counseling and reading for each other and others feeling left out. How spiritual is that LOL? It’s all part of how we learn about ourselves and each other. The first few years I was learning a new way of being in the world, I thought I knew the answer to everything and I’d make sure you knew it. 5, 15 and 30 years later I’m beginning to see the patterns and the realization makes me laugh out loud. I’m stoked when I encounter friends who also see thru it. It’s all part of the awakening process. First we notice, then we judge, then we reflect, then we come to knowing.