Spirit told me to ask Jane if she had a tent for me and she did

A couple of years ago, I wanted a tent and had just finished my internet research to decide what kind and size I wanted.  I woke up one morning and knew that someone would call me that day and they would have a tent for me like the one I was looking for.  I went into the office and began taking the day’s calls, yet each time when I wondered if I should ask about the tent, it felt stupid and I didn’t do it. Then Jane Warner from Heaven Sent Wellness Center called and it was the first time we’d spoken.  I immediately knew she had the tent for me.  We spoke first about an ad, the purpose of her call, then I told her I’d been looking for a tent and that Spirit just told me she had one for me.  There was a short pause, then she told me that she and Angie just returned from a gathering where they took their tent.  They had, however, forgotten the top fly to the tent and so went to the nearest Sears and bought a duplicate tent so they had a fly that fit.  Which left them with an extra tent.  For me.

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