Some flowers won’t bloom in a shadow

My ginger in bloom

I was outside watering yesterday morning and happy to see that just a little bit of water made so many of the yard plants bloom.  A friend planted several pineapples a few years ago and since they are completely under shade, they have only grown a little. They won’t bloom and fruit unless they’re out in the sun.  I found a couple of  yellow allamanda that were barely growing just under the eleagnus, and I thought, “Well, they are existing just fine, safe in the shadow of the eleagnus bushes, but they are not growing much and they won’t bloom under there.”  I thought how it is the same with me.  I can exist fine in a shadow but if I want to grow and bloom, I need to get myself in a little more light and keep myself watered.  And some days I don’t care if I grow or not, and not everything that’s meant to bloom has to.  It’s nice to have choices.