Seeking Fairy House Building Materials for Faerie and Earth Festival May 17, 2014 (vendor space available, too)

fairy house www.lizagardnerwalsh.comJohn Springer writes:  On May 17, we are co-hosting a WNC Faerie And Earth (FAE) Festival at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat Center; 215 Rhett Drive; Flat Rock, NC; 28731, where we had originally intended on having a fairy house and gnome home building competition.  However, we have changed our minds about this and plan to have an craft area set aside for the purposes of building these Fae Houses and Homes.  We are now requesting natural materials from all around the country to be sent to us. Natural Materials may include:  acorns, sea shells, sweet gum balls, pine cones, Spanish moss, dried grasses, dried flowers, crystals, flat marbles, broken pottery, sycamore bark, maple winged seeds, seed pods, modeling clay, bamboo, snail shells, deer moss, thistle heads, feathers, clay beads, sparkles, mirrors, chimes, colorful sticks, hickory nuts, snake skins, brushed animal hair (dog, cat, horse, sheep, etc), old bird nests, mica plus many other possible natural materials found or gathered.

Please send them to:
Kerry Lindsey
Faerie And Earth Festival
c/o John Springer
116-A Water Lily Drive
Flat Rock, NC; 28731

Lilian Casselberry, the Lady appointed to take on the Fairy House Project in The Town of Cassadaga, FL, opened this project on March 17, 2013 with more than 40 Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes at or near the Trailhead.  I have requested of Lilian several times to send the photos of these amazing houses and homes, however nothing has been received. as yet.  I have seen them and they are totally wonderful, thanks to all of you contributing to the success of this project.

POINT OF INFORMATION:  We are looking for more Vendors, Readers, Sponsors and Volunteers for this FAE Festival in Flat Rock for May 17. The cost of a Vendor’s Space is only $75.00 for a 10′ x 10′ space in an outdoor venue with lots of activities & entertainment happening throughout the day. If you are interested, please get in touch with me through this email or call me, our registration deadline is on April 27, nearly one month from now. We also are requesting all of our participates to submit a 44 word bio, due by April 4th, which in addition will be their website, face book page and other contact information.

Come and play with us either by contributing materials, sponsoring or being a participating member of our community.  Other Faery Events upcoming include our Forests-Fairies-Fantasies, August 1, 2 & 3 at the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, FL; The Pan Festival, September 13 at the Crystal Cottage in Panama City, FL; the Fairy And Earth Festival, November 15 & 16 at the Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, FL.  Remember to wear your Fairy Wings, your Earth Hat or just Sparkle Up and join the fun and celebration.

Be In Joy!

John Springer
Visionary Director