Saturday March 28th Noon Vegetarian Lunch Yoga Shakti Mission

Ma Yoga Shakti

This Saturday 28th March  at 12 noon a vegetarian Uzbek Lunch will be served at Yogashakti MissionNora Morgan, who was born and lived in Uzbekistan will cook  Mashkichiri, (a traditional Uzbek dish with mung beans, black-eyed peas,vegetables,spices and chopped basil), Also served will be Pirojki (individual sized baked or fried buns filled with vegetables and herbs). There will also be homemade salad.  Because of scheduling conflicts we are having this on the last Saturday of March instead of the first Saturday of April. Do not miss this chance to taste the first ever authentic Uzbek lunch  to be served at Yogashakti Mission! RSVP much appreciated so we may plan. Yoga Shakti Mission, 3895 Hield Rd NW Palm Bay, FL 32907    321.725.4024

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