This has been such a good week, getting a lot done and also having a fairly relaxing time at it.  I picked up my paperwork at my tax accountant’s and it weighed like 12 pounds.   I did feel much lighter after writing my check to Uncle Sam, though! I realize I probably do things the hard way for them, just giving them my statements and check registers, but no one’s told me to do it any differently yet, so it must be fine.  I am going to begin getting them their info quarterly and that will train me to be stay informed about it also.  Like today I decided to go through the check register and see what checks had been written for gasoline costs in 2008.  The first six months I had my Hyundai Santa Fe which averaged 22 mpg.  I paid about $240 a month for gas those first six months.  Then I bought my Toyota Prius, which averages 46 mpg.  I pay about $80 a month for gas now.

I also checked to see what had been going on with the real estate taxes.  I could see where they doubled for a bit then came back down lower than ever now.  Usually I just pay everything as it comes in, not paying much attention to the amounts, more focused on the due dates.  I surprised myself by how much I used to spend eating out.   I mean, really surprised myself.

I’ve just this past 12 months been morphing into someone who enjoys cooking and preparing meals at home, rather than going out.  Not meaning to do it to save money, but am now stoked with being able to pay down debt and put some aside as a vacation kitty instead.  One reason I stopped eating out so often was that I realized that, even if I ate out, I would come home and eat later as well.  Rather than drive myself crazy with yet another discipline, I decided that some of those days I would cook at home instead.  If I wanted to go out to take a break from the office and the computer, it would be a break that did NOT include a meal.

That was when I began getting more creative in the kitchen.  That was when I began going to the local farmer’s market and getting into homegrown and organic vegetables, and noticing how much better the flavor is.  I used to be one of those people that seldom bought produce because, well, it would go bad before I got around to using it.  Even a head of lettuce.  I just wouldn’t eat it.  Potatoes and onions would sprout.  Now, I find myself getting nervous if I only have 2 carrots and it’s 9:00pm.  I start doing the math in my head… I can eat one as a snack tonight  if I want it and save the other for a soup tomorrow for breakfast if I want it…

Now I’m pretty fearless.  I go through lots of parsley, tomatoes, onions, romaine, lemons, zucchini – daily.  I consider brussells sprouts a main course now.  Dinner may be a fresh romaine or spinach salad, along with a homemade vegetable soup, and a veggie stirfry.  I use a lot of fresh vegetables now, and eat apples every day.  I’ve never spent more time in the kitchen and had so much fun at it.  The shopping and preparation all contribute to the saiety of the dish.  I’ve never been healthier and never felt better.  I’ve never found it so easy to maintain my weight.  My skin has never looked so good.  I know it’s absolutely due to my change in eating habits, to start seeing my food as medicine, as fuel.

There’s no point to this post.  There’s no way I am going to tie in organizing my bookkeeping paperwork with healthy eating, so I won’t even try.  Although, I’d sure live a lot longer if I ate healthy, and Uncle Sam could get more out of me.  I’m thankful to pay taxes in a country that allows me so much freedom.

I have no complaints whatsoever.

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