Rumors falsely accuse charity donation site of squatting and transporting illegals

Things are not always what they seem especially when you automatically assume the worst. I belong to a local Facebook neighborhood page that I jokingly call Neighbors Fighting with Neighbors because that’s what many comment threads de-volve into. Admin the other day posted this pic and said, Someone dropped off a trailer full of people on ___ and ___. seems they plan to live there, i know the people in that house got to be pissed lol”  What the what??   What followed were comments like maybe the trailer was filled full of illegals that they’re transporting to Miami Detention Center. Then everybody started fighting about why would they let that happen in our town, you can’t have dozens of people living in a trailer like that with a bunch of garbage strewn around. Everyone was encouraged to call the cops and call code enforcement every single day until they were gone. 

A local letter carrier piped-in and burst everyone’s bubble when she told them they own that land, they own the home next to it, law enforcement knows they are gathering donations for Haiti. There are piles lying on the ground as they sort the items donated. They are not soliciting donations, they are just using their property as a drop-off point. Which any one of those who posted 200-plus hateful and even racist comments could have found out if they drove over and asked or called law enforcement. FOLKS, don’t create drama where there is no drama. Don’t make shit up and repeat untruths that cause hardship for other people.