Pain control and dumbing down the consciousness

I’d been having a bout with an old carpal tunnel injury and wrote on Facebook earlier this week: “Wow, I gave in and took one 7.5mg Mobic for my aching paw at 1:00pm and just now woke up at 10:00pm. Well, my hand hasn’t hurt since then, I’ll say that. This is why I don’t like to take drugs.” A Facebook friend wrote: “We call them Frog Pills because they make you feel like a pithed frog.”  She wasn’t exaggerating.  I did it two days in a row, since it was the perfect time to stay off the computer.  It shut down the ache, but it also shut down my brain.  It made me feel… stupid.  And not in a fluffy, stoned, la la la way.  Just… inert.  I did not feel particularly intuitive.  And for someone whose livelihood depends upon my intuition, that’s no small thing.  It also affected my meditation, it was like driving through a fog trying to stay focused.  I so seldom take anything – even aspirin kinds of things – that I forget one side affect is dumbing down the consciousness.  I’ll have to see if it’s worth it.

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