I don’t borrow or lend so $$ doesn’t hang over the friendship

I was pondering a favor a galpal extended, which I graciously declined because I don’t loan or borrow $$ from friends. She offered me an interest free loan for a $5,000 project. $5k for 24 months at the 12.5% my credit union offers would be $676.88 interest. At 4% (I wouldn’t consider zero %,) the interest would be just $210.99, a difference of $465.89. We have the same bank so I could schedule the payments to transfer automatically each month. When I write it all out, it’s just a savings of $19.41 a month and that’s not enough for me to warrant having anything hanging over our friendship.

Facebook shows us another side of our friends

I joined Facebook in 2009. FB shows us another side of the people we know, a side we may only get to know if we spend daily time with them for years. Someone I’ve met in real life and know as a kind, fun-loving and spiritual person is now posting pro-Trump, hateful, intolerant, racist and body shaming memes about “Democrats.” I’m used to the side of her that quotes ACIM “Look beyond the error in your brothers and sisters! God does not see — or perceive — error, God knows only unconditional love.

 I don’t need to engage her or try to change her mind. That would only separate and divide us more.  She accepts a different premise than I do. If you accept the premise, the logic follows. But I’ve learned with people I consider my tribe that if I fall out of orbit with one for whatever reason, I’ll soon come into orbit with those who meet me at my current vibrational resonance. And it’s always an upgrade.

A glimpse into sacred calling

I agree with much of what Sadee Whip wrote below. She’s not boasting here how holy she is, she’s explaining her spiritual journey. In my 40’s I was called into daily hours of contemplation, study and practice, so much so I left my 22 year career as a criminal defense paralegal. By my 50’s it was the new lifestyle. I’ve written about my journey in my blog. Believe her when she writes what you can expect as you morph into this new, internal way of being. And altho I’ve absolutely known those who’ve learned to be a spiritual resource for a community while holding down non-related jobs and not have a ton of alone time, it’s rare. Knowing what someone else’s experience has been can greatly enhance your own. 

Sadee Whip writes, “A glimpse into sacred calling – when you have been called, some version of this is what you can expect:  I spend an average of 5 hours a day in contemplation, study, and prayer. Some days I devote the entire day to these things.  The path I walk requires this. And this isn’t counting the near nightly “downloads” and sacred conversations that happen when I sleep.  Continue reading

What particular vibe are you teetering on the edge of?

I’ve learned to never judge where someone finds spiritual inspiration. If you’re concerned a loved one has come across an inauthentic “spiritual teacher,” you have to recognize they’ve attracted that via their own vibrational resonance with that person and that situation. The only reason that YOU are aware of it is that you are teetering on the edge of that vibration as well. Sometimes we have to leave our friends to learn their own lessons and let them come back around when they are out of that particular vibe

I pay myself to save money

I’m on a serious kick right now saving up $6,000, my out of pocket for a medical procedure (donate here if you’re inclined) so things that I typically pay other people to do, I’m putting that amount in my savings account each time. It may be little things like cleaning my own house, mowing my own lawn, cutting my own hair and not eating out, but I’ve learned it adds up. I recall about 15 years ago I added up how much I’d spent the previous year on eating out 7-10 times a week and I could have paid off my 2nd mortgage! It was good incentive to begin cooking AND to stop spending unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy whatever I need when I need it. I just don’t NEED as many THINGS as I used to think I needed. I’m growing up!

Checking the calendar to connect with a pal this morning made me realize that my whole life is set up for work, work, work. Since my home is my office and I field phone calls, texts and emails all day, it derails me if I stop for a visit. Friends know not to casually drop by, I can’t really invite them in when I’ve got work spread out all over. It’s usually no big deal but my friend today I’ll make time to connect with bcz who knows how long we’ll all be on this planet in these physical bodies. So many of my friends have so much free time, I guess I just put too many plates in the air early on and I’m working my way thru figuring out how to do less of that.

Dream of a friend with a hidden legal entanglement

I had a dream last night. Back story: A dozen years ago I dated a really cool guy. We’re still friends. On the first date we talked about the importance of being honest, so we shared with each other the relationship tendency previous partners most pointed out to us that we would most like to change. I copped to being a self centered workaholic, controlling and distant. He said he had a tendency to let women take care of him financially.  A few months after that he called it quits, the day after his mom called me to chat. She’d gotten on the topic of how much he mooched off her and had her paying for meals (always the most expensive item on the menu, she said) and she hoped he wasn’t doing that to me. I laughed and said we’d had the chat and we’d be each paying our own way. In retrospect, she might have been feeling out how “flush” I actually was and she let him know I didn’t measure up. Rejection is protection.

After we split, he began dating someone he married a year or 2 later. I don’t know if they’re still together. In a dream last night, I saw her in a legal entanglement, like a big ball of twine all wrapped around itself. It did not feel like simply divorce but that something important might be in jeopardy, something she did not know about that might jeopardize her freedom. I assume she has protected herself and her assets. If not and you think this is you, check into your legal holdings and credit and make sure everything is cool. I never mix assets with a partner, it cuts down on hidden agendas.

The FBF who posts meanness on her page posts sweetness and light on mine

It’s true you can live right alongside someone who has a completely different life than you do. I was helping a friend on her computer and she pulled up her Facebook feed. She and I have mutual friends but totally different lifestyles. I was surprised at all the arguments and meanness in her news feed, from people who are nice and kind when they post on my FB page. I had no idea. I read some of them and was surprised how most were misunderstanding something that was said, something that I thought it was obvious and clear what they meant. I thought boy we do live two different lives.  Most of my FB peeps post really interesting stuff with very few posting outright meanness. Either way whatever I see come across my newsfeed, it’s evidence of my vibrational resonance.

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How closely do I want to listen? How much do I care to hear?

I’m a big believer in the power of metaphor to show me who I am. I got a good lesson recently on how carefully I want (or not) to listen to something that may be difficult to hear. A woman called wanting several Canadian subscriptions, wanting to give me info by phone since she doesn’t have email. She had a very strong accent, I don’t know French and that accent is unfamiliar to me. I had hay fever, a clogged head and kept losing my voice. I no longer had a land line, so it was REAL difficult to decipher the addresses that she was saying on the cell phone. I told her I’d call her back.

I immediately sent her a letter with stamped return envelope, explained the temporary hearing/voice issue and asked her to mail me the info so there was no error. She mailed it back and I found her handwriting very small, words very close together.  When that happened, I knew I had inner work to do to make it right for her.

I first went to the post office site to the Canadian postal lookup. I found the correct spelling of the French street names and postal zone of each address. Looking VERY carefully, I could make out the spelling of the names. I created my labels, packaged up the May Horizons for each and another letter to the client, enclosing her invoice. My lesson was that if I slowed down and paid close enough attention, there was no reason I shouldn’t have gotten it the first time she called. I’ll know better next time.

Your inner life is just as real as your outer life

Sometimes I feel guilty when I want to stay quiet and on my own, some say I’m wasting life if I’m not spending it with friends. But that’s not true. There is more to life than the outer 3D physical life that we live. There’s an inner life that is just as real and just as responsive. When I interact with this inner reality, I’m not just going into my head and working out personality conflicts and inner compulsions. I’m being led to ever greater disclosure and understanding of the circumstances and people and events around me.

When I understand them, I respond to them differently.
When I respond to them differently, my world changes.

How to discover this inner reality? You spend time in contemplation and as questions come to mind, you’re guided to answers. Sometimes you’re guided to other people, sometimes you’re guided to dive deeper within.