On infidelity and “cheating”

This won’t be popular but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. We humans are so funny. God permits all things to happen. Trying to control behavior, we make up rules contrary to human nature then say THIS is what God wants. Like this: “God will never send you someone else’s husband.” Sure He will, it happens all the time. God doesn’t care about the pieces of paper we think are so important. He’s about intent and vibrational matching. God wants for us what we want for ourselves. Whatever we begin, he’ll fuel as long as we stay focused. He fuels wherever we focus.

It’s not a infidelity as in cheating problem, it’s a communication error. The problem is as a society having been trained by fairy tales and the media to demand allegiance or else they don’t love you. It’s a problem with wanting to force a partner into maintaining a behavior contrary to their biological nature, til death do us part.

I grew up in a family of men. I learned men “cheat,” even on women they love. One has nothing to do with the other, unless you’ve chosen to adopt it as your own personal code of ethics and seek a partner who does the same. If they renege, it’s just a lying or immaturity problem. They THOUGHT that was what they wanted when they made the promise. But over time their perception changed, their focus widened. They found themselves responding to the new stimuli in ways they’d not thought possible before. It’s not the “cheating” that’s the problem, it’s arguing about it that is the problem.

Unfortunately the Bible itself has become fake news, having been editorially suppressed by politicians throughout all millenia to control the masses. God speaks to you from within you. When you learn to discern God’s voice and drop away the programming you’ve had since childhood, you quickly learn many truths. 

And one of them is: to find happiness with a partner who “cheats,” stop thinking of it as cheating. Think of it as them having other friends. Give no attention to what they do when they are not with you. If you need more companionship, widen your own circle of friends. But don’t put it on God. God wants for us what we want for ourselves. We’ve just been programmed to want something which results in frustration and sorrow. It doesn’t have to be so. Deprogram your thoughts and listen carefully for God’s true voice within you.