No longer in the vibe to watch The Catty Housewives From Catsville

This afternoon for the first time in months I turned on the tv in time to catch part of an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Everyone was still fighting over stupid misunderstandings about what this one said or did. The past year, I watched those shows on a regular basis and, although they could be aggravating, a few minutes of muting fixed that. It wasn’t all that bothersome and it didn’t stick with me. Today, I couldn’t bear to watch even a few moments of the bickering and immediately turned it off. I went outside to sit in the garden and watch the jays at the birdbath. I realized, watching the birds all jockey for position and compete among themselves, what it was: why I could stand to watch it on a regular basis before and not for a moment now.   Back then, I was living in a daily vibe that felt natural to, a vibe where that was the norm, the status quo.  Now I am not.  Evolution.

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