New Updated Links for info about the James Ray Sedona Sweat Lodge Deaths Matter

This page has evolved into the page for updated links on this matter – see the links list below for a chronological timeline. I am keeping track of this story since I get so many emails and Facebook messages asking about it.  I’m not personally out to get anyone, but I believe people who do this type of work need to be responsible and accountable.  This matter going public has drawn out past participants who were afraid to speak up on their own.  As someone who has done dozens of vision quests and sweat lodges since the 70’s, a main interest in them for me is the psychological changes they bring about in everyone involved.  A bonding together for a common purpose.  An awakening to a deeper understanding of the world around you.  That is why I am following this story.  It is interesting watching it unfold, and interesting to see reactions to it.  Oh, we are in interesting times. Beverly Bunn, Sweat Lodge Survivor, Speaks Out, Reveals Details Of Tragic Incident excerpt: When participants exhibited weakness, Ray urged them to push past it and chided those who wanted to leave. “I can’t get her to move. I can’t get her to wake up,” Bunn recalls hearing from two sides of the 415-square-foot sweat lodge. Ray’s response: “Leave her alone, she’ll be dealt with in the next round.”

$9,695 New Age sweat lodge session kills 2, injures 19 This is a very long extensive post but has some interestesting tidbits about the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge incident, James Ray’s past time line, The Secret, Ray’s Practical Mysticism pitch, what secret spiritual warrior tradition did James Ray study in Peru and the Amazon?  The page also contains a link to an interview with Shawna Bowen who was on the scene. Shawna Bowen website here.

10-21-09, an Inside Account
10-22-09: James Ray urged sweat lodge participants to stop prescription medications
10-22-09: Mind altering breathing techniques used by James Ray at Sedona retreat
10-23-09 update interview with survivors Sidney Spencer and others
10-23-09 James Ray Spiritual Warrior Participant Guide, Welcome letter
10-24-09 Interview with Dr. Stanislav Grof: James Ray not certified
10-26-09 Did James Ray use coercive persuasion
10-28-09 Sweat Lodge Victim’s Family: Guru James Arthur Ray Lied to Us
10-27-09  Story unfolds of James Ray, who hosted fatal sweat lodge
10-30-09 James Ray Spiritual Warrior worksheet: Shocking questions
10-31-09 First lawsuits filed in Arizona sweat lodge tragedy
10-31-09 James Ray has no degree/licensure to do psychological trauma work
10-31-09 James Ray jewelry thief, refusing to return items handed over
11-4-09  James Ray lists his Beverly Hills home for sale
11-9-09 Lawsuit filed By survivor Sidney Spencer
11-13-09  Lakota Nation files lawsuit against parties in sweat lodge incident
11-16-09 Who Built the James Ray Sweat Lodge? Photo of it partially completed
11-24-09 Interview with Lorena Bathey; James Ray Escalating Patterns of Abuse
11-27-09 What next for James Ray cult survivors?
12-8-09 ABC Video, former James Ray employee tells of his actions after ceremony
12-9-09 Former Employee: Ray Did Not Help People Dying in Sweat Lodge
12-10-09 The Nightline Interview with James Ray Staff
12-11-09  Breaking news: Fifth death associated with James Ray
12-15-09 James Ray Facing Criminal Charges, Authorities Say
12-15-09 Complete transcript of the “Anderson Cooper 360″ segment
12-16-09 James Ray drugged participants and forced snake handling
12-29-09 Ray Ignored Broken Bones, More, Leading Up To 3 Deaths, Say Court Docs
12-30-09 New police info released – police reports revealed
12-31-09 James Ray drugs and disease
12-31-09 Particpant Interviews from
1-14-10  Detailed look at newly released police reports: part 1
1-24-10 Q & A with James Arthur Ray by Michael Joseph Gross
2-3-10 Motivational speaker CHARGED WITH MANSLAUGHTER in sweat lodge deaths
2-4-10 More Damning Eyewitness Information About Fatal James Ray Sweat Lodge
2-9-10 Employees Rat Out Self-Help Guru, Get Immunity (a lot of links at this website)
2-10-10 Religious Practices on Trial in Arizona: The Problem With “Experts”
2-11-10 Interview with James Ray Intl Director of Operations
2-16-10 Interview with Josh Fredrickson: part 1
3-11-10 Interview with Angel Valley Nurse
3-24-10 Police interview with Owner of Angel Valley


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6/22/11:  James Ray Found guilty of negligent homicide

The End of Death As We Know It

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