Never doubt you have the power to change someone’s life

In September 2011, I met someone with a very fundamental, Bible based viewpoint.  He was a spiritual seeker, unsatisfied with where he was.  I began sharing my experience of universal truths, we began going through my library and discussing authors and ideas that were all new to him.  He said he’d never met anyone like me, someone metaphysically minded.  I told him there was a whole lot of “us” out there, I just happened to be the first he met…  I shared with him breathing exercises, and spoke of meditation, creative visualizationkundalini awakening, tarot, astrology, totem symbolism, numerology and the chakra system.  I could tell the lights were going off as he soaked in more each day.  Finally – something that made sense, something he could use to reframe his life to understand why he’d gone through all he’d experienced and how it all led up to that moment.  In six short weeks, we met and had intense discussions about energy work, transparency, the fact that it’s all related and karmic implications.  With no advance notice to me, he was incarcerated out of state for 6 months, during which time he was captive audience for daily letters and articles, continuing our conversations.  We spoke on the phone every other day.  Every week I could see changes in his thinking as he told me of how he was using the teachings he’d learned to counsel his cellmates.  He wrote me dozens of poems and songs in daily letters. When he returned, he began posting online what he knew and how he had been able to help others with it.  The one who left was not the one who returned.  The first was bound and the second is free.  Early on he wrote me “How blessed I was to find you. Who so effortlessly showed me who I was and made me see through the lies I’d been told and began to believe myself. Thank you. Jeremy James Bonner”   Never doubt you have the power to change someone’s life.  It was my honor to help change his.

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Helping a friend in his unfolding