My story is my personal path

seed-to-flowerI write about my life experience as part of my spiritual path.  I have learned that whatever I’m going through is likely what everyone else around me is going through. That’s why we find ourselves all together. When I tell my story, however, I’m mindful that I’m telling someone else’s story as well. Unless they’ve given me permission to name them, I don’t mind changing names and details, but one friend asked me to write nothing whatsoever.  I was spending a lot of time with her several years ago and gaining valuable insights. One reason I was involved in particular projects with her is because they inspired me to thoughts and ideas and revelations in other parts of my life.  Words and phrases she said to me triggered a line of thought that led to an inner awakening. I journalled about it and wanted to share what I wrote.  So when she said I could mention nothing, that left me with an entire area of my life that I couldn’t write about, for as long as I knew her. That’s not only a hassle, it’s inauthentic. It was easier to stop spending time with her and get involved with someone less conditional.

I write primarily for myself. Writing is how I work through my personal thoughts and issues.  I’m used to publicly sharing my personal story of whatever fun and challenges I encounter, and how I implement the law of attraction to navigate my daily life as part of my spiritual practice. Contemplating what happens to me and gleaning personal growth from it is something I schedule daily time to do. But when I come to a particular revelation that impacts me and likely will benefit and awaken those who read it, when I can’t share it, that dials down my interest in it.  The lessons are universal, the details are archetypal.

My friend and I agreed on so many other areas of spiritual practice — such as that what we do impacts more people than we know, how important it is to be authentic — that I was perplexed. I was involved in our projects because of my interest and the potential for learning and growth.  A life lacking self reflection is not for me.

I write about how I attract to me the people and situations I encounter, and how I come to understanding in life.  All of life is about relationship – everything is relationship – work, play, family, mates, health, dollars, everything is about identifying where you are now relative to where you want to be. I feel a mission in life to share the important conversations and dynamic words that changed me, that upgraded my life and elevated my understanding. That is what expands me, and I’m all about expansion.

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  1. Jerry Forney

    I love your article. I can relate to your path. My way is not as formal as writing an ongoing journal about my relationships and the spiritual lessons I have gleaned from them. Rather I try to create stories that impart the truths in a poetic way. Creativity is sourced from the same place as spiritual growth and is the engine that drives relationship. Creative relationship might be a way to describe my path. It sounds like you are experiencing something similar. It is beautiful no matter how you decriibe it!

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