My Personal To Do List for the Universal Manager

Wednesday, December 24, 2008  Christmas Eve, Garbage Day
Inspired by Abraham-Hicks, I created my own personal To Do List for the Universal Manager, with the idea that anything I put on this list, the Universe will manage to get to me any way they can.  Just reading over this list puts me in the vibe for a few minutes, which is long enough to kickstart me into a good morning.  Abraham says you only need to vibrate in resonance with your goal for 17 seconds of unimpeded, pure, positive thought and you’re begun attracting it to you.  Read over my list, then send me yours to

I want to have a good relationships with my neighbors
I want to enjoy living in this neighborhood
I’d like to enjoy the advantages of this property
I want any disadvantages to this property to be eliminated

When I upgrade or do repairs, at home, please find a reasonably priced, talented and versatile repairman

Please let him determine what needs to be replaced or what merely needs to be repaired
Please locate the needed items for very good prices
Thank you for taking care of these things for me

Please line up a strong steady flow of customers for me
Inspire a buzz around the area of my business
Inspire me to perform any appropriate action
Help my clients feel genuine appreciation for what I do
Bring me the staff I’ll need to operate my expanding business

I want to work more efficiently and productively while having plenty of time to play and have fun
Please make my work feel meaningful to me
Let me know I make a difference and let me know I am appreciated by my clients
Thank you for taking care of this for me

Please arrange some good meetings and lucrative contracts for me
Get the word out that I’m available, and that I’m good
Please place my resume on top of the pile for consideration
Line up for me any trainers who would enhance my evolving training
Arrange for an increase in my wages
Remind me frequently what a great life I’m living
Instill appreciation in me for the wonderful things I have
Please guide me to the best financial decisions I can make from where I am right now
Thanks, I know I can trust you to take care of this for me

Help me regain my feeling of prosperity
Find a faster way of accumulating better value from my existing resources
Point out to me any current advantages or opportunities that I may have been missing
Inspire a fresh start attitude in me
Please set up circumstances where I can meet nice, like-minded people
Arrange people who are a match to me to rendezvous with me
I would like them to be interesting, fun and self-sufficient
I prefer meeting people in a way that feels completely natural and unforced
I would like this to begin happening right away
Thank you for taking care of this for me

Please amplify everyone’s best qualities to me
Please amplify my best qualities to everyone around me
Please remind us all many times each day about what good lives we’re living
Orchestrate a really wonderful outing for me to spend with friends
Clear a spot in my schedule for exploratory vacations
Line up satisfying routes that will satisfy many of my interests
Get some especially good prices on everything involved
Please arrange the financing for this and future trips
Please orchestrate appropriate weather for the earth’s well being
Place me in optimum locations so I enjoy beautiful weather wherever I go
Show me evidence of the earth’s well being many times each day

Please line up effective employees for government offices
Help our government create user-friendly guidelines and forms
Bring people to me who understand the requirements
Find a way for me to find easy compliance with these requirements
Remind me often of the things that are in my best interest that I should give attention to
Thank you, I know I can trust you to take care of this for me

Please guide people in business to fiscal responsibility
Make arrangement so we get more for every tax dollar spent
Show me evidence of progress regarding government value and efficiency
Put leaders in place who are focused on making these things better
Inspire the next generation of leaders and get them ready
Amplify the intentions of the citizens of this nation so that leaders can hear them
Please put leaders in place that are responsive to the desires of those they serve
Line up compelling information for our leaders to consider
Remind our leaders that they are responsible to us
Thank you for taking care of these things for me.

Signed, Andrea de Michaelis


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