Gluten free bread choices: Udi’s and Joseph’s

Joseph's Oat Bran Pita

I asked on Facebook: What happens when you eat gluten and your body cannot tolerate it?  and got interesting responses. Then I asked: If you eat gluten free: what kind and brand of bread do you eat? I know I can Google what’s on the market, I’m asking you particularly what gluten free breads you eat.

This post is from the Facebook thread. I almost didn’t ask the question and no one asked me to ask the question but I found out today that this info is very relevant to someone I know in real life. See? I just followed my guidance system and did what I felt happily compelled to do and it was helpful. Neat how that works, huh?

Janice Scott-Reeder Udi’s. It is better than regular bread and in the frozen food department at Publix and health food stores. Trust me..I really have tried them all and most are grainy and sticky. Udi’s is perfect.

Andrea: I just bought some Udi whole grain bread and toasted a slice, yum

Rene Nall Thank you Andrea. This is why I do what I do. I have been gluten free for 20 years. Having been a street kid, a ward of the state and in and out of institutions through my early years. Recovery from addiction at the age of 26 took me into the world of nutrition and the need for healing the gut for mental health. When I eliminated all glutenous grains my gut was able to heal and provide the neurotransmitters my brain needed. Appleseed health foods offers a large selection of gluten free foods. My favorite bread is sprouted buckwheat bread made at Appleseed Cafe’ and served in cafe. We have 3 sprouted bread choices that are gluten free. Wow I’m so grateful to see so much awareness about this topic.

Andrea: I got the Udi’s whole grain at Publix and it’s delish and good texture, but at 140 calories and 21 carbs per serving (fiber 1 gram), I prefer my Joseph’s pita at 60 calories and 6 carbs (fiber 4 grams) that I buy at WalMart in the deli.  It is not, however, gluten free.