My Andrew dream

I just reconnected with Andrew Wilson after almost a decade, he is the son of a former very favorite boyfriend. Andrew was on Channel 15 last night talking about doing Spartacus with the Space Coast Ballet. I called him afterward to tell him how good he was on screen. So then I dreamed about him.  In the dream Andrew and I were hanging out and he was going to move in like a roommate, except we were flirting with each other too. Then somehow we are in some other place that I take to be an apartment I (we?) are thinking of moving into, except right now it needs painting plus there are other people who have set up house there temporarily. I have a sheet or blanket wrapped around me and walk into ‘my/our room’ because I feel I’ve been woken up and just want to go back to sleep. Andrew is going back and forth into a back room full of equipment, a room I didn’t know or had forgotten the apartment/house had.  I get the impression the people there are doing something illegal and if Andrew isn’t doing it too, he at least knows something about it. (in real life, Andrew is a straight arrow.) I go to sleep and he goes to work or something. Then I notice someone else is also in the bed under the covers sleeping and it kind of creeps me out because I didn’t notice him before, so I get up and wander around the place a little. I am looking for a big tshirt or something to wear because I am wrapped up in this sheet and having to hold it up and keep it from dragging. It turns into a dream of me trying to make it home, having to walk facing backwards at times because I can move faster that way. I take the “moving backwards” to mean sometimes to get to where you want to go you need to put your back into it.


end of dream

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