More spidey sense and synchronicity with a friend

I awoke this morning with a line in my head from one of the poems a friend had written when we met:  “We speak the language spiritual, which no one comprehends. You are my teacher and the student, of loving spirit without end. I am closer to the spirit, our entangled spirits chase. The intertwined of loving kind, long past the end of days.” I posted it on Facebook, adding, “That’s all of us here, too. We all teach and learn from each other.”  He replied, “That you would pull THIS poem out of thin air is really strange, as I was drawn to this specific poem yesterday.  Sometimes it’s like you’ve rented space in my head. ”  I said, “And you’re surprised once again at the mind-meld, why?” This happens to us a lot.   

He asked me several times why that passage, why now?  I don’t know.  He didn’t tell me why he asked nor what it meant to him.   I just woke up with the line in my head, so I found the poem and re-read it with new eyes, seeking a deeper message.  We both as a mission enjoy sharing uplifting insights with new friends.  I figured I was meant to post it on Facebook, so I did.

I was surprised he was surprised.  We’ve had this discussion several times.  I mean, I use my spidey sense for a living the last 30 years, so it’s finely tuned and I’m the real deal.  I do readings for many people in the course of a week, most that were booked months before. I never know what their topics will be until we speak. Four times out of five it is the same issue, with very few differences. It’s just evidence that we’re all influenced by the same thoughtforms, we all have similar issues and we can all tap into everything else around us.    The day before, I’d pulled into his driveway just as he was coming out the door to walk over, nether knowing the schedule of the other.  We’re used to it by now.

I’ve learned the closer I am to someone, the less accurate I will be in reading them.  If I have any emotional attachment to an outcome on their behalf (I want them to get better, I want them to find a job, I want them to be happy,)  I will not get full and accurate information for them, period.  My job is to help them understand why what is happening is happening and point out a course correction that will get them where they want to go.  I do my job best when I am emotionally detached from them and from the outcome.

My experience is the more detached I can be emotionally from the person and the situation, the more equanimity I am able to sustain despite anything going on around me, the more the synchronistic tuning in happens. It lets us know we’re connected on a deeper level than just personal pals or mates, that there is important soul work to be done together once we get ego and agenda out of the way.

Experience has shown me that when I have the biggest lessons to learn, it most often comes in the form of sexual chemistry with a new friend.  If we’re beginning meditation or energy work together, I let them know as we begin that we’re going to be feeling the shakti and that it does not mean what society has taught us it means.  It’s like the Universe wants us to be wildly attracted to each other for the purpose of soul work to be done.  But we’re used to those people turning into our romantic and sexual partners.  If we can instead learn to use the energy as fuel for the soul work, it can take us deep.  The reward is a happier and more fulfilling life.

You will learn how conscious you are by how you handle the deeper lessons without personal affront, and by how you allow the relationship to morph after the initial infatuation fades. I just learned how unconscious someone actually is, a year later.  The soul wants to dive deep.  The ego wants to be stroked, to splash around on the surface, spouting truths it doesn’t yet grok.  As with everything else in life, how well you balance determines what future life you’re prepaving.  I’m always up for diving. I want the happiest and freest life possible.