Lithium Orotate (not cabonate) an essential mineral for feeling good

This is not the prescription lithium you’ve always heard about

Many of our emotional problems — anxiety, pessimism — stem from a deficiency of amino acids and minerals in the body. We don’t feel good and we just want to be left alone.  Prescription lithium is controversial but the lithium OROTATE I write about here is not the lithium CABONATE that is prescription only. Lithium orotate is a non-Rx, over the counter, natural mood enchancing salt supplement. It’s an essential mineral the brain uses to keep functioning at its peak. It is used successfully for mood swings due to hormonal and internal chemical imbalances, including bipolar disorder, relief from feeling angst, anxious, short tempered, waiting for catastrophe. Go to the site and read the users’ reviews of their personal experience. I had similar good experience. Don’t take anything in combination with any medication or supplement you are currently taking without researching the combination first. Research it for yourself.  A friend had success getting off bipolar prescription meds using Lithium orotate. I bought a bottle 7 weeks ago and have been taking one 120 mg tablet each morning. I gave myself a checklist (sleep pattern, energy level, happiness and motivated levels, racing thoughts, working to burnout) to see if I noticed improvement. I did. I now realize stress, worry and anxiety can come from a deficiency of amino acids and minerals in the body. Lithium orotate balances that out with no side effects. Just 1-2 a day is all you need.

I’m not a worrier and seldom have anxiety but I do often have racing thoughts about business. It got better when I began taking magnesium and vitamin D3 which let me sleep after decades of insomnia, but I’d begun to feel overwhelmed with work. I began taking one a day and within a week I could tell a difference.  The racing thoughts had slowed considerably and my mood felt uplifted. It did not make me feel sleepy or buzzed. 

One of the oldest and most researched treatments for emotional difficulties is lithium, which helps balance the production of two hormones, dopamine and serotonin. When our daily diet gives us sugar spikes, we lose minerals in response and lithium is one such mineral.

If you’re missing vitamin C, you can die from scurvy so it’s an important daily vitamin to take. If you’re tired, irritable and pessimistic, you’re missing lithium and lithium orotate is a safe and all natural form of lithium.

(Lithium carbonate by prescription, on the other hand, saturates the body with toxins before delivering its lithium to the brain. Lithium orotate delivers straight to the brain with no toxins.)
John Gray on Lithium Orotate – Positive Mood & Brain Function

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