Light will always find you, even in the spin

My Kassel anniversary clock

My Kassel clock

My Kassel anniversary clock gave me a lesson in Light this morning. A torsion pendulum clock, the wheel of 4 crystal balls at the base turns slowly, clockwise then counterclockwise. I keep the clock turned away from the bed when I sleep. When I sleep, I keep the room blacked out, even turning off the red night lamps.  Last night I kept being startled awake by a flash of light. I’d open my eyes and look around and see nothing but darkness. I’d lie back down and it would happen again. I ignored it awhile and meditated on the idea of flashing lights. Was it a signal, something I need to pay attention to, an area of life to be illuminated, what?  Then it came to me. In one particular position, I could see a reflection on the crystals at the base of the clock. Light from somewhere was hitting the base and it would shine out for a moment during the spin. I’d have to watch carefully through a lot of darkness but I would finally catch that glimpse of reflected light. It was faint but it was enough to wake me up.

heart shineAh, I get the metaphor. Even in a spin, Light will find a way to shine itself. I tried to figure out where the light was coming from, but could not.  (Does that ever matter?)  I have several reflective surfaces in the room that likely caught the light from the living room altar (another metaphor) and bounced it here and there until it ended up reflected back to me via my clock. But no matter how it got here, once I made myself sit through the dark spin, knowing it contained light, I fell into vibrational resonance with it and saw it. Next time you witness a dark spin, look at it deeply enough to see the Light doing its best to shine through. The Light will not be stopped, it will shine. and as it does, little by little we wake up.

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