Keep your engine clean to keep your body free of toxins

A friend remarked, watching a group of young professionals knocking back shots and multi-pours of alcohol, “wonder what their livers will be like in 20 years if they keep this up.” I was never a big drinker, never liked the taste or the buzz. I have a few friends who used to be big drinkers when young and apparently still are. It’s taken its toll healthwise: tummy issues, liver issues.I think of the tummy like a bucket that holds our nutrients and things like over drinking makes it rusty so nutrients leak out.

The liver is the machine that processes it all and removes toxins from our bodies, so I keep that machine clean. Excess drinking, sugar and prescription drugs clog that engine. Lotsa folks can drink and take Rx with no problem. Lotsa folka can’t. It helps to know which you are.