“It’s one thing to be sick”

Watching Greenleaf on Netflix. Oprah Winfrey has a great line in the show, talking to a brother threatening her. “I don’t know how you got to be the way you are. It’s one thing to be sick, it’s another thing to go walking around peacocking about it. But I remember my Bible and that kind of prancing is reserved for Satan.” LOL we’ve certainly seen quite a bit of that the last 50 days.   

Digging this show and the music is awesome “The Greenleaf family, which runs sprawling Memphis megachurch Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, appears to be a loving and caring clan. Beneath the surface, though, exists scandalous secrets and lies. Greed, adultery and sibling rivalry are among the issues that threaten to test the family’s faith and tear the group apart. The scandalous happenings are uncovered by Grace, the estranged daughter of church leader Bishop James Greenleaf, when she returns home after a 20-year absence. Oprah Winfrey has a regular role on the show as Mavis, Grace’s aunt.”

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