It’s not that he “hides” his feelings, he just doesn’t ponder them

Domino complained her new man wasn’t very open hearted, but knowing them both for years, I know that’s not it. He just has a different way of being than her previous partners. He’s far less cerebral and wouldn’t consider himself a spiritual person. After we spoke, she looked at him in a different way and, although it wasn’t exactly what she wanted, she understood and loved him enough to try the change.  I’d told her, “It’s not that he’s hiding his feelings from you by refusing to discuss them. It’s that he doesn’t reflect on his feelings to sort them out as you do.  And I’m not being flippant but he does not have deep thoughts. He prefers to spend time in his own interests and not get real involved in personal conversation, with anyone. That’s not how he’s made. Don’t fault him if this is as deep as he goes with you. That doesn’t mean he cares any less.  It just means he doesn’t carry the tools for that job, so don’t ask him to do it. Yes, he’s the one you want to talk to about personal matters of the heart, but I suggest you don’t. He does not receive it as you offer it. He just thinks you’re “rambling on again about one of your problems” and waits for you to stop talking so he can get back to what he was doing.  Bless him, this is as deep as he goes right now.  It’s up to you to decide if that’s deep enough for you.” She’s giving it a try.

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