Facebook friends help get a family on the road

Driving in snow, their tire with the ice crystals

Driving in snow, here’s their tire with the ice crystals. Bring them home!

It was fun helping out a friend yesterday.  This is why I love Facebook.  I saw on the news feed, “Today I choose to let go and let god. I do this everyday but sometimes I try to take over thru worry and panick. Today im going to give my worries to god as my.mistakes are seen.and known and learned from along the way. I stand strong in my family bond and do not run wild into the fears that beckon me. I will mountain pose into warrior and back again for as long as it takes. When on the road u will have many oppertunities to release into the divine and surrender the mind. I choose to go out peacefully with faith we will be blessed to move forward.” As a yogi, I well know the metaphor of transitioning from mountain pose to warrior. In mountain, you stand at rest, yet strong and unwavering. In warrior,  you confront your own weaknesses.  

I met Fawn Harmoni on Facebook a year ago. She’s a humble, gentle spirit who creates jewelry to raise herself and her young daughter. I welcomed the chance to help her out.  I posted on my Facebook wall: “A family is having a rough time, now working their way across several states doing what it takes to keep themselves and their vehicle fueled for their trip to a better life. They know it’s coming and you can help. You would make their day if you could Paypal ANY amount to Harmonikinnection@ymail.com or even share this if you feel led to  May it return a gazillionfold.”  The response began to come in for her.

I’d kept her anonymous but she commented on the post: “Andrea thank you for being there in this time of shifting vibrations. my family feels the love and care out here and hope returns. I want to offer my art in trade for any help I receive. it will have to be made after we land but like u said I see it coming! I am truly blessed in this.support and unknown blessings on its way. we live the truth.  being surrounded in postive thought and network is very supportive. since andrea recognized my spirit focus this morning I have had a lift I didnt feel earlier and all tue friendly words n support means alot to me. this is a trippy ride lol nice not to be alone. I got chills all over. were heading forward  thanks everyone that is joining our heart song.”

Monday Midnight Update from Fawn Harmoni: Ur friends have been.very responsive and it is fun to see the emails hehe 110 was put in my account today. This will so come.back to u all. I have the faith. We are only in bend oregon now so long ways to go but we are holding strong.

Tuesday 6:30pm update: They left Utah today and ran into a snowstorm in Wyoming.  They made it to Little America, WY and the roads are too squirrelly to drive further.  I received a note from Fawn’s partner Kevin  and asked if I could share it: “I don’t know how to thank you for all your support. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m scared right now. Driving Fawn and Gabby through that snow storm was nerve wrecking. I wasn’t worried about myself but for my beauriful family (and critters too). I am really putting faith in God for this one. Again, thank you for your love, prayers and support.  Kevin”

Tuesday 10:10pm update they are safe in a room tonight.

Friday 2:00am update They made it to McLean, TX and should be home tomorrow.

Update: Home!  Fawn Harmoni writes: “Never have I been so cared about. It changed my life.”

To me, this is an awesome use of Facebook. I felt an instant connection when I first encountered Fawn and now a year later we get to have this fun game of attracting dollars together. Thank you everyone who participated and lent financial or emotional support. Prayers count!