It’s easy to eat healthy and fresh while travelling

fruit on white plateIt’s easy to eat healthy and fresh while traveling.  It just takes a little planning ahead.  I used to travel so much I learned to bring healthy snacks with me.  I was reminded of that when the man and I went to breakfast this morning. We wanted to stick close to home so we went to IHOP. I was reminded why I don’t go into just any restaurant. My spinach mushroom omelet was 900 calories and 90 grams of fat (although I got it without cheese), the hashed browns 300 calories and 20 grams of fat. I usually do a max of 60 grams of fat a day. Had I given it a thought, I’d have researched the nutrition facts ahead of time. I must say though that the omelet was really good and it was huge. Here are IHOP’s nutritional facts (calories, fat grams, carbs, sugars, etc) –>…/PDFs/nutritionalinformation.ashx 

When I travelled a lot, I learned to bring healthy snacks and meals with me in my little ice chest to prevent unwise choices when I was off schedule. Bananas, carrots, celery, apples, cheeses, tuna, sardines, triscuits, hard boiled eggs, raisins, dried apricots, bag of salad, boullion. That’s an entire convention weekend of meals! If I grab an egg, an apple and hunk of cheese on my way down to morning meeting, I won’t want any of the ever present donuts/danish/bagels. fox_fat_by_pinkplaidrobot-d5h38ck copyIf I sip hot boullion on the way to the luncheon, it will dull my appetite. If I grab some tuna or sardines and triscuits when I get back to the room, by the time I’ve taken a shower and relaxed, I’ll be happy with salad, boullion and dried fruit for dinner. I’m clever like a fox. A formerly FAT fox