Impulse buys and the swimming pool debacle

pool kiddieI’d thought about buying one of these little pools so I could float at home on hot days but then thought what a waste of water since I’d have to empty it at night. I’d have to keep a tarp across it to keep out falling leaves, misquito larvae and raccoons. Right, raccoons, I hope they don’t climb up it, they climb up everything. Still, I’m missing my Jacuzzi tub and thought this might be a summer substitute.
An hour later: Ok, I bought this little pool, it was $24.97 at Walmart. I had a compressor to blow it up, but didn’t realize I needed an adapter like you’d use to blow up an air mattress. My neighbor had one tho, but 20 minutes later my ancient compressor gave out. I went back to the store to look at compressors since I need a new one for my bicycle tires anyway. I had to laugh. This is how a $24 pool turns into $100 purchase.  

I bought a mega cool little compressor for $55 and it will blow up my bicycle tires in 3 minutes it says. My old compressor takes like 10 minutes for each tire. I set the compressor up and home and turned it on. It was loud but no louder than my old compressor. The man told me to turn it off. He said I had to return it because it smelled like it was burning electrical. Ah well.

So I took everything back and it was all easy to return. When something turns into a hassle, I’m quick to cut the cord. I know how I am. If something isn’t fun right away, I don’t have much stick-to-it-tive-ness. For all I know, I’d use the pool once and then it would sit unused like other toys around here.

That was a nice afternoon’s exercise. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to have fun. Afterward, I went and floated for an hour in the 81 degree pool I have access to nearby and it washed away all my i-want-a-pool-in-my-own-yard tension.

Now I’ll scour garage sales and pawn shops for a new compressor for my bike tires!

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