I attract the denial of my mortgage refinance

The past week has been spent waiting to hear back about the mortgage refinance I applied for a week ago.  Everything had fallen magically into place for me, I had not even anticipated applying an hour before I did.  I just figured OK the Universe wants me to get a mortgage refinance, that’s why it’s all happening so easily. The inspector and appraiser came out within days, I got good reports back and an appraisal within $4K of my guess-stimate.  I did not need any repairs done – it was all good news!  But then I began to have second thoughts about having jumped in so quickly with such a major decision.  I’d also applied to include a $5500 loan for home improvements and thought – did I really want to finance that for 30 years?   That seemed mega-stoopid. 

I felt oddly relieved when I was told they could only refinance the first mortgage and second mortgages.  That felt a lot better, but I still felt resistance to wrapping the second mortgage into the first when I only have 18 more months to pay on the second.   One thing that I wasn’t crazy about the thought of was having a double than now mortgage until I’m 88.  I like having a mortgage payment under $500.  I also like the idea of paying my taxes and insurance separately from my mortgage, which I’d no longer do.

Next I was told that, because of my loan to value ratio, they would only refinance the first mortgage.  That felt a lot better, although it didn’t serve my original intent.  At this point I wasn’t sure what my intent was, I was just going with the flow. My credit scores in the high 700’s, and low 800’s.  I still hadn’t given the matter much conscious thought.  I did a lot of gardening and artwork to stay in the now to keep myself in the vortex while the Universe sussed it all out.  I was ok with whatever the bank wanted to do, but I didn’t expect to be denied altogether.  Which happened yesterday afternoon. For about 5 minutes after getting the loan officer’s email, I was confused and wondering what was my lesson in going through a week of that??, yet within minutes I felt ok with it and even relieved it was over.

Upon initial reflection, l figured my not being too freaked out about not getting the refinance is that even though the appraisal cost me $500, the loan officer gave me a heads up that my auto insurance premium seemed high and my homeowner’s as well.  At his suggestion, I compared other companies and got the homeowner’s reduced by $300 immediately by electing a higher deductible, plus whatever discount I’ll get as a result of the wind mitigation inspection I just had done.  I ended up with a reduction of over $700 per year.

Thanks to his advice, I switched my auto insurance from my current company to 5 times the coverage with Traveler’s Insurance and will save $400 for the first year’s renewal.  If I look at the past week as a mortgage refinance attempt, it was not successful. But if I look at it as having paid for sound financial advice, it was a success that immediately paid off.

What ultimately did me in was debt to income ratio.  A year ago I lowered subscription prices and ad rates in Horizons Magazine as an economy stimulus incentive.  I figured I could take the hit easier than some of my customers could.  In 2004 I incurred $30k+ in medical bills and in my haste to get them paid off quickly, I’d put $400-$500 a month the past 5 years toward them.  (Today I’m down to one small bill and the rest are paid!)  Since the medicals were interest free,  I should have paid a minimum on them and paid more each month toward principal on my interest bearing home improvement loan instead.  But I wanted to get the medicals paid off, knowing I was in my high income years.  I didn’t want to have unpaid medical bills on my credit report.

I am real aware that what I think is happening is not always what is happening.  Sometimes it’s not for me to know until later what the reason is when things don’t go as I planned. It’s not always for me to know until later why I am guided to do the things I do, like me getting the files together without knowing why, and applying for the refinance out of the blue.

So, if I know how law of attraction works, how did I attract the denial of my application?   I can drive myself crazy trying to figure that out, or I can just reach for the better feeling thought instead.  I admit there was no prepaving on my part to line up the energy ahead of time; that could be a factor.  I was doing no creative visualization on it, since it seemed to be flowing fine without me directing it to a particular end.  That could be a factor.

I can lament that I allowed myself to get vibrationally wrapped up in some conflicts several friends were having; that could be a factor.  But I realize that everything around me serves to show me where I am vibrating.  Whatever catches my attention shows me what I am in vibrational resonance with.  I have to bless it and either move away from it, or take the consequences of what I attract because of paying attention to it.  So, no, I don’t think I attracted a denial because I gave attention to friends complaining about friends, making judgments about them myself, then beating myself up for making judgments.  Hmmmm, or did I?

I know not to beat myself up now for coulda-shoulda-woulda.  Had I chosen to apply law of attraction to getting my refinance, doing my visualizations and prepaving,  I could have had a very different outcome.  But in retrospect I’m not sure I want a different outcome.  I just plain have not given the matter much thought yet.



Maybe the Universe just wanted me to meet a hunky mortgage loan officer and have him give me advice that instantly saved me the $500 I paid him, and aultimate4ly saved me twice that per year. Or maybe I just need to have a current appraisal on hand for my future refinance with some magical unicorn mortgage company in the sky for 4%.  I’m open to anything.  In the meantime, I’m going to work to pay down my $5500 so I can reapply in a few months – after some prepaving work – and have a better debt to income ratio.

If you want to help,  you can purchase an ad in Horizons Magazine, or buy one of my mp3 files below, or an astrology chart, or website services from me.  I’ll bet I can do this lots sooner than I think.  Things always seem to fall into place for me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


UPDATE:  I Get My Mortgage Refinance

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