I rush to finish the mag before I drop wi fi again

This afternoon I was reflecting that I’m relaxing for the first time in a week. Hey, I had it easy after Hurricane Irma, I know not everyone did. You may not even be getting to relax yet. I didn’t lose power with the storm last Monday but I lost Wi-Fi for 2 days. It was final layout week for the October mag so I was a little frantic about wanting to hurry up and get it done while I had Wi-Fi. I kept thinking it could be taken away at any moment. I felt a giant relief when I sent the mag off to the printer this morning. I reflected today that I really caused myself a lot of unnecessary stress thinking that the Wi-Fi could drop any time, which is ridiculous because I could just go around the corner to a friend’s and hook up to his. So today when I dropped Wi-Fi, I felt a sense of vindication for having gotten it done early even though it caused me some stress.  I know Florida and Georgia folk are feeling stress this week. Mine is nothing compared to theirs. I took a walk around the yard and saw I need to rake up the deadfall that came down in the storm. There are a lot of oak leaves and bamboo leaves, those are nice and fluffy. I’ll keep those on the ground and run the mulching mower over them because it keeps the ground a little higher in the side yard where it used to be low. I’m glad the weather has cooled off so much and since I’m up before sunrise I can be out there in the yard this weekend and get it cleaned up. I don’t know when they are going to pick up the tree debris, they are beginning collection this weekend. I already have a pile of it out there as wide as the house. Everyone does.

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