I kinda like it when I squeak; that’s the signal something good is just around the bend

When I squeak, I know something good is just around the bend

This is the time of month that I get to see how resourceful I am: the time between paying bills and sending out invoices, and having payments come in.  Know why I don’t mind these squeaky times?  Because I know I’ll always be provided for and that everything will be paid on time.  Experience has shown me that when I need to get resourceful, I am up to the task.  I have no evidence that it won’t happen that way every time.  Do I know exactly where it’s going to come from?  I don’t need to.  Through the years I’ve done much planning and put into place several ways for dollars to flow to me.   They can come in the form of advertising dollars for Horizons Magazine, they can come from different websites I’ve created and monetized, they can come from the items available in our store, mp3 files designed for spiritual growth and personal empowerment, astrology reports  geared to self discovery, tarot and astral projection workbooks.  Dollars can come from personal consultations, or someone may offer to buy land I own.

It can also come from the occasional lottery win or refund of an overage I’d paid somewhere and forgotten.  It can come from out of the blue, as it did in October 2006 after I returned from a week long residential retreat at The Monroe Institute.  I received a check for almost $9,000 as a return on an investment I thought had gone defunct ten years before.  Not surprisingly, the surprise check was within $32 of the amount I needed to pay something coming due.

Or in 1996 when I was scheduled to leave in two days for a trip to California, not yet knowing where I’d find the money to make up losing a week’s pay.  As it turned out, enough dollars came to me in those two days and in the months after, that I stayed in California for eight months.

So, when I am squeaking in that lull time after invoices have gone out and checks are arriving, I’ve taught myself to appreciate the squeak.  To take that squeak as a signal that good things and plenty of them are just around the bend.  I’ve never experienced any evidence to the contrary.

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