I get asked about electronic voice phenomena and why the succubus won’t communicate

An email I just got:   Andrea, hi, I’ve been dabbling in the paranormal since I was 12 after a demonic experience. I see your a pro and just have a few questions if you would be so kind to answer.

1. How can I communicate with positive energy while keeping the negative away? For example. On my last paranormal journey I picked up many evps (electronic voice phenomena, nonphysical voices on tape )and some photos of a young child named Anna. But also had evps of what seemed to be a negetive or demonic spirit not wanting me around. I believe this young spirit is in need of something. The last evp tho was her saying “can I help you?”

2. I’ve been dealing with a succubus (Andrea’s note: a nonphysical entity that takes the form of a female to have sex with you in dreamstate) ever since I moved to my new house and since I’ve mentioned “it” or her. It’s stopped messing with me I.e having sex with me while sleeping. But also will not communicate. How can I get communication with this spirit?

3. What is the best advice to give to someone asking for help to communicate with passed relatives who linger?

Andrea’s response:
Hi and thanks for writing, (1) in the nonphysical world, you “choose” by your focus of intent. If you’re in the room alone will be different than if you’re in the room with others. If 3 people in a room, the “vibe” will contain the combo of the intentions and bank of knowledge of the 3. If even one is afraid or doubtful, it changes the vibe or the frequency so to speak and drops it down a notch into another station or channel (radio station metaphor.)

When we are in say 90.3 we attract “whoever” lives there, maybe fearful and unhappy beings. More like the imprint or etheric shell of the being, but it seems real and active to us. If we stay focused on seeking info and wanting a good interaction with nonphysical entities, we will move up the dial to 97.6 where helpful info we want is . Our focus and expectation determine where we are on the dial at any moment.

(2) the nature of a succubus is not to communicate but to extract energy. It’s kind of like expecting a misquito to bring you the paper like the dog does. That’s how the dog communicates, but the misquito is just interested in getting enough energy to get him to the next stop. The succubus is like that as well. She’s not there to chat. There’s no real mentality involved. She’s there to take whatever form will encourage you to get the most emotionally reactive to her, because when you have big emotion, big “feeling” going on (as in sex or anger,) that creates a big happy bubble bath of fuel for her to siphon energy from you.

The nature of the visit of a succubus is controlled to a great extent by your beliefs, fears, expectations and overall intentions in life. You said since you mentioned her, she stopped messing with you. When you mentioned her, you released some of the tension that was the tightrope she walks to get to you, that is why it felt she backed off.

In this kind of work, I always have a clear intention that there is “someone in there” with the most knowledge, who knows more than I do and who has everyone’s best interest in mind. That’s the one I want to communicate with. It’s like knowing ahead of time the store clerk can’t answer your question and you’ll need the supervisor, so you walk into the store with that intention in mind. You see the store clerk there but know that’s not who you need, so you pay him no mind. You see the UPS guy but that’s not who you want, so you pay him no mind. You go straight to customer service and ask for the supervisor.

That’s what you do when you step into a situation and ignore the negative and stay focused on the positive. Nonphysical entities exist on the astral plane, which is where our emotions are. If we are fearful or excited or worried, if our emotions are activated, we attract more of the (some call them) lower level astral entities which you perceive as negative energy.

Sorry to be so wordy, rather give too much info than not enuff. The best advice to give to someone asking for help to communicate with passed relatives who linger? Read at this link to more understand what you are dealing with The end of Death As We Know It.