I find my missing handbell

For about a week I’ve been missing a sentimental item, a vintage brass hand bell similar to this one. It sat on my desk alongside a crystal hand bell, which now sits alone. No one else goes in that room but my pal G and I. We’ve looked all over. G did manage to find another small brass bell I didn’t even recall I had, so it’s sitting on the altar with the crystal one waiting for the other to return. (The two smaller bells in the photo to the right.)

UPDATE: I found my missing brass handbell! It was in the shed. Here it is, the one on the left. I was feeling emotional pain because of it being missing for a few days. I ordered the one on the right because it reminded me of it. I figured with time I would forget the new one was not the original one and it would hold the same sentimental attachment for me. When my father-in-law came to live with me, that was the bell he would have in his room to call me if he didn’t feel like yelling across the house.

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