I eat beef for the first time in 5 years and dream of Anthony Bourdain

Last night I had a very vivid dream, which I attribute to having begun taking ferrous sulfate the day before, and also eating two lean sirloin patties, the first beef in five years. I’d also seen Anthony Bourdain on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the night before. Here’s the dream.  I find myself away from home without a car and Izzy has followed me. I go up to a house that ends up being like a hospital where my galpal Trish is in room 7 or 8 but I can’t find my way back to it. I find a room with my former bff Suzie Miller and others in it, kind of like a sorority place she is the boss of. We say hi as if we never had a falling out years ago. I continue wandering through halls looking for Trish’s room and can’t find it.  Then I am somewhere else. Izzy the cat has wandered away and I follow to find him. I come to a big office building where a music festival had gone on in the lot next door the night before. It’s all empty now with equipment and stuff all over. I ask the woman behind the desk for a phone to call a cab. She said they thought I was coming in to borrow. I have money I just need a ride back to Palm Bay.  

“What kind of business is this?” A receptionist type says it’s not a business, we have a lot of fun here.”  It turns out it is Anthony Bourdain’s house. I wander around to ask someone about a phone or phone book to look up a cab – I think I am just in Cocoa Beach and figure it will be an $80 cab ride and I have a$100 bill.

I see a fave ex boyfriend Mondale near the kitchen and ask him how to get back home. “I can hook you right up,” he says and I follow him to a lobby and we wait. Then we walk around the corner to another lobby and Bourdain is waiting for us there. He gives Mondale a look like, you goofed up again.

Anthony and I leave and then are in a small boat going through a harbor with a statue in the middle of it, a historic site with a fence around it and a monument. I can’t read the writing on it, although it’s big enough. The water is choppy and I’m afraid. I turned around in the boat so I can’t see where we’re headed and I’ll just look at Bourdain, who has been talking to me. I can barely hear over the roar of the motor and I miss much of what he’s saying.

When I turn around, he’s gone and the boat is motoring up a small lightly wooded path in the midst of some light woods. I’m afraid and want to get out but realize he may have done this on purpose – putting the boat on autopilot for me. I see him swimming like a dolphin in a bay below me. I let the boat take me for a ways, it’s going slowly, then I get out.

Anthony later asked if his advice helped me. I didn’t tell him that I couldn’t hear most of it.  I don’t recall the rest of the dream but I awoke before reaching my location.

So what gave me the dream?  The ferrous sulfate?  The beef?  My thoughts about the beef?  I can’t wait for tonight’s dream!

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