I don’t always recognize the lesson playing out in my life

I’m like everyone else.  The Universe is sending me messages all the time but I’m not always in the receiving mode, so I don’t always “get it.”  Only when it comes back around again and again and again in the form of different people do I finally drop my blinders and begin to see what’s been playing out in front of me.  I have to laugh at my own blindness because it reminds me to be more aware in each moment.  That every moment contains so much more than I can quickly grasp, unless I’m paying attention.  And, as it turns out,  that’s what it’s all about.  Paying attention in each moment.

In Coconut Grove, FL in the 70’s, I had several friends who owned businesses and boutiques in the trendy part of town.  Now and again, jealousies would flare and mutual friends would feel forced to side with one or the other.  That caused more division.  Pretty soon our happy little group was no more, the businesses no longer existed and that was the end of that.

When I worked at law offices in One Biscayne Tower in downtown Miami in the 70’s and 80’s, the same thing would happen.  An attorney would leave to go with another firm or begin his own firm in the same building.  The partnership would be dissolved, employees would be split and again we’d have to choose sides.   Often times there was animosity between the former partners, or at least on the part of the one who felt injured by it.  Often I’d be working for the one who became more successful and gloated about it and rubbed the other’s nose in it every chance they could and I had to watch that.  More division, more splitting.

After I’d moved to Melbourne, FL, in the late 80’s and early 90’s there were several weekly metaphysical discussion groups that a group of us all attended.  Then it began to be all about electing officers and holding office and then there was infighting and again the taking of sides.  But this time it began to dawn on me.  It was like the whole karmic clusterf*ck all over again, but this time I began to see it for what it was.

Just in the past ten years, I’ve had several friends open and close businesses due to partnership dispute.  I’ve seen them move their store from location to location to location and alienate former landlords due to nonpayment.   As a store owner/operator, Domino doesn’t understand why she can’t sell anything even when she’s in a good location.  She doesn’t understand that you can’t cheat your landlord and expect money to flow to you, it’s all related.  You can’t lie and gossip about a former partner and expect clients to come pouring in.  You are not a vibrational match to it.  It’s like the radio station you can’t quite get tuned to.  You’re close, but can’t  really get it.

The Universe throws us together face to face to work on ourselves and if we’re smart, we see ourselves reflected in those around us.  They are in our life because we vibrate in harmony with them.  But so often we don’t see that, we wonder what we’re doing around all these  stupid, thoughtless people.  We think we have lessons to teach them when in fact we are the ones needing to get over ourselves and listen and learn.  It is not about choosing sides and which one is really my friend here? It’s about not taking on unnecessary karmic baggage that will impact other areas of your life and will keep you from attracting the very things you want to attract.

If you’re speaking about someone else with the intent to alienate them from mutual friends, know that you’re not a vibrational match to attracting anything but lack and limitation to yourself.  If you’re throwing up roadblocks for anyone else, you can expect them to come back to you many times over.  And if you’re praying for harm to come to someone or their business,  you can expect that to come back to you many times over as well.  Trust me, you don’t want to be a vibrational match to what that will attract.  Oh, too late, you already know?  ‘Nuff said!

When you badmouth anyone, it’s always a jealousy issue on some level.  It’s always that you feel they are taking something away from you.  It’s usually that you think they are not entitled to the business or income or benefits they receive and their customers would be better served by you.  These are simply signs of  first and second chakra imbalances. These imbalances can be remedied  by making amends to those you’ve injured in the past, and learning to appreciate without expectations.  Sound unrelated?   It’s not.

The best thing for you to do, if you have a negative emotion when you think of ANY person or any business of theirs, is to say a prayer that the heaviness in your heart be dissipated as you send (this person) into the light where they will continue to grow and prosper.   Wish for them what you wish for yourself.  There but for the grace of God go I.  Do the Ho’oponopono healing process on them.

Do it twice a day if you have to.  It’ll feel a little better each time.  By the 10th time or so, you’ll start to get some insights about the situation, and it’s good food for thought. Just like me, this person has known sadness and loneliness and just like me they would like some happiness in their life.  Just like me they are learning about life and if I can feel a moment’s compassion for them, it helps me and it helps anyone who’s ever felt this way or will ever feel this way again.

Doing this exercise always helps me transmute my feelings on a situation each time one arises.  And when I transmute my feelings, I’ve transmuted my point of attraction.  And when I’ve changed my point of attraction and released resistance, my phone will begin to ring, my business will begin to thrive, I will run into the most interesting, fun people and business opportunities will appear out of the thin air.

When I can think of any one and any thing and smile at the situation and bless them and let it go with no emotional resistance from me, that’s my signpost that the floodgates of goodness and dollars are about to pour.   And yes,  it’s also a sign of emotional maturity.  Finally I’m growing up.