I declutter my office at the end of the year

calendar flip styleI’ve begun de-cluttering my office. I do it every few months as the paperwork begins to pile up. I’ve never gotten the hang of the “pick up each piece of paper only once” rule. I’m always setting something aside to look at in a few days, a few weeks. I use a daily flip calendar and place notes to myself on the pages of future dates as reminders of projects to check progress on and requests to re-visit. This morning, I began clearing out of my office the items that no longer belonged in there. I moved to the back office all the the hypno cds and files, all the music and headphones and jacks. I rearranged the shipping and mailing station to give more room. I pulled out two boxes of papers to be viewed and filed or recycled. I swept office organizedthe floor. I emptied the office recycle bin into the main bin on the driveway. When I stepped back in the office, it looked and felt much more expanded. I smudged with sage and incense and did a puja for the fresh space. I’ve learned in order to stay motivated, I need a fairly organized and clean space. The more cluttered, the less time I tend to spend in there. When I begin to feel stifled, I change it up and clear it out. Instant motivation!