I clear my shed of 25 years of storage

I woke today from an odd and complex dream about walking through a large open building and opening doors and windows. It was deja vu when I stepped into the shed to work and the first thing I did was open the doors and windows. I’ve spent the past two months clearing the shed of 25 years worth of furniture and furnishings (and old Horizons magazines!) I was no longer using. It now houses all my scrap wood and empty plant pots and gives me counter space and floor space for working on projects. I value having empty space so when I want to build something or work on something I can just carry it into the shed and start working on it instead of having to clear a spot to work on and trying to do it in cramped quarters. We replaced some indoor lighting, updated the security lights and replaced the locks. One thing I’ll do is use some translucent hurricane shutter material cut to fit each of the shed windows so that in the summertime when the windows are closed it will seal the heat out and still let the light through. It’s well built so the moisture doesn’t settle in. The shed used to have an air conditioning unit in it. If I need to, I can always stick a window unit in again. Today I made curtains for the windows. The shed sits in a woodsy part of the property, so the curtains are a jungle scene with red and yellow parrots. The curtains make it kind of cozy in there.  I feel like a kid with a new playhouse.

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