I buy a new cell phone, an HTC One V

After the Brighthouse all out service debacle of this week, I decided I needed a new cell phone with a bigger screen and better browsing ability.  I went to Best Buy December 23rd and originally bought the LG Optimus Elite, similar to the LG Optimus V I currently have.  After consideration, I went back 3 hours later and traded the LG Optimus Elite for an HTC One V, which my computer dude says is a better phone.  It was just $20 more than the Elite. The HTC One has Android 4.0.  It is faster and easier to use.  It weighs about half what my old phone weighed (and about 3.5 pounds less than my first phone weighed LOL).  It is larger but about half the thickness of the last one.  I ordered a sturdy case to make it easier to hold.  I’m loving it for Facebook and texting.  The voice to text feature is excellent and very fast, alhough I do have to speak loudly into it.  I’ll have to practice answering the phone so that it does not disconnect the caller.  The keyboard is either a little big bigger or better spaced, I find it easier to type on.  I love it when the Universe forces me into upgrades in my life.  Most times upgrades that I never even considered seeking out.  My life rocks.