Here’s How That “Think Happy Thoughts” Stuff Works

Angels someone could use visitI wrote in A FB friend picks me to bully that someone was giving me heck and playing it up for their Facebook friends. It’s funny when people you don’t even know start making up things about you. But it gave me the chance to put in writing how the “think happy thoughts” stuff works. But first, if you find yourself gossiping about or being combative with someone, you might ask yourself Why do I feel compelled to cause trouble? What in me is being triggered that I need to act like this? What is the real reason I find it hard to be considerate and generous with this person, or anyone? We all go through ego struggles. When we recognize we’re doing it as adults, we stop. So here’s what yesterday’s critic accused me of, none of which I do.

  1. talk about archangels and fairies
  2. run around the world and think nothing is wrong
  3. pray to a crystal and expect it to heal the world
  4. tell someone who is being raped to be more positive
  5. say “think happy thoughts and you won’t die while jumping off a cliff”
  6. say the world is all daisies and beautiful entities trying to teach you and let you grow

Archangels and fairies are simply not my topic, but the last five are pretty funny. I don’t know anyone who would think anything like that is true. This comes of talking about things you don’t know enough about. I publish Florida’s new age magazine the last 23 years. Some people see the words “new age” and have an automatic opinion about what it is. Apparently this critic has the idea it’s about archangels and fairies, praying to crystals, being blind to reality and pretending everything’s all sunshine. Clearly she’s never read my writing since I don’t talk about archangels or fairies or crystals. You don’t “tell someone being raped to be more positive,” you don’t tell someone to “think happy thoughts and they won’t die jumping off a cliff.” I was glad she wrote because it never occurred to me someone would think those things. It gave me a chance to address it. Here’s how it works.


Q: So then how does positive talk/happy thoughts work?

A: It works this way: As soon as you realize that your inner self-talk is what propels you into your next experience in life, that is when you begin a daily practice of thinking happy thoughts on purpose. I didn’t know it until I was 30. It took another few decades to have discipline over my thoughts so I could think “on purpose.”

Q: So as soon as you begin thinking happy thoughts, the bad experiences in your life stop happening?

A: No. When you begin thinking happy thoughts, you stop setting unwanted things in motion and you start setting in motion the things that you want. When you begin thinking happy thoughts on purpose, you stop activating old wounds and you begin instead finding things to look forward to.

Q: So why do bad things continue to happen if I’m thinking happy thoughts?

A: Because you’re still at the mercy of past momentum, the momentum of past thoughts and actions that haven’t yet come back around. You’re still awaiting the karma, the consequences of past actions. Consequence as in you open your hand and the ball drops. Consequence as in you let go of the string and the balloon floats to the sky.

Q: How do you know when your past momentum is caught up?

A: You’ll know you’re free of past momentum because you’ll notice that what you were thinking and feeling the day before is what you can expect to think and feel the following day, and that is okay with you. If you’re a good mood person, life will begin going smoother for you. People will be less combative and you’ll experience less conflict. Thanks one way to know. If you’re having a challenge finding a silver lining and thinking happy thoughts on purpose, then do something that makes you happy. Whatever it takes for you to feel happy. Look for things around you to be happy about. Skip over the unhappy things, they are not for this exercise.

Think, “I’m standing, I’m walking, I’m breathing, the sun and wind feel good on my skin. I can move my arms and legs, I can hear crickets and birds and see them in the trees and the rain is making everything grow. We really live in paradise and every day is a new beginning. I never know what good awaits me right around the corner. Anything is possible and I know the Universe loves to delight me.”

Begin practicing good thoughts and visualizing happy scenarios. Soon enough, you’ll be free of past momentum and begin creating day to day. And once you’re beyond past momentum and have begun creating on purpose on a day to day basis, it’s very unlikely you’ll find yourself “being raped” or “jumping off a cliff.” You’re simply unlikely to be within vibrational range of those scenarios.

You’d most likely be within vibrational range of asking inwardly for help, having insights, enhanced intuition, finding shortcuts, seeing increased opportunities. Sure, every thought is a choice in every moment every hour of every day in your life, but you can keep yourself within vibrational range of all sorts of good stuff once you learn to think happy thoughts on purpose. And then take time every day to think them.

Q:  Is “thinking on purpose” the same as creative visualization and pre-paving?

A:   They are focused techniques for thinking on purpose.

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