Helping a friend in their spiritual unfolding

A friend just wrote, “I’ve failed miserably at this game called life. 39 years and I’m no better off then when I was a child. I’ve done nothing and I’ve become nothing.”  Having heard those words before, I shared this with him, and it is universally relevant.  Years ago, a friend during troubled times came to me for meditation.  We began metaphysical discussion and reading Rumi, Hafez nightly and his mind blew open.  I shared with him breathing exercises, and spoke of meditation, creative visualizationkundalini awakening, tarot, astrology, totem symbolism, numerology and the chakra system.  I could tell the lights were going off as he soaked in more each day.  Finally – something that made sense, something he could use to reframe his life to understand why he’d gone through all he’d experienced and how it all led up to that moment.  We had intense discussions about energy work, transparency, the fact that it’s all related and karmic implications.  You clear up the past and leave nothing unresolved. I witnessed the evolution of thought via his daily writings as he told me how he used the teachings to unravel his past for review.   I could see his beliefs evolving and morphing.  I watched the light bulbs as they went off. At the time, he was a born again Christian so I used language familiar to him. I share some of it below.

I shared the monthly articles of Abraham-Hicks about law of attraction: how things come to us and how we attracted the past we attracted, and the steps to take to attract a future we want. I sent him the mystical poetry of Rumi and Kabir. I love how Rumi refers to God as the Beloved and the Friend. I believe when we serve and please our beloved, we serve and please God as well.  An entire new world opens to you when you have that perspective.  I wanted him to have that perspective. I sent him the writings of Wayne Wirs, who speaks of mystical oneness, and the articles by Ma Yoga Shakti, Alan Cohen, Mike Dooley, Karen Williams and other articles from Horizons Magazine each month.

I reminded him: “When your vibe, your vibrational resonance, changes on any particular topic, what you attract relative to that topic changes as well.  And it can happen in an instant. One reason all this is coming to a head is a result of all the insights and awakenings you’ve been having.  It’s like an acceleration of karma, and everything from the past comes up to be healed.  That’s why all this is happening at once.  That’s also why we’re connecting in this holy instant as well.  It’s all part of the plan, part of the process, and part of the remedy and solution.  It feels horrid to you, but you’ll be on the other side of it soon enough.

Don’t look around, look up. Trouble doesn’t come to stay, it comes to pass. Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be far sighted enough to trust the end result of a process. What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn. Impatience means to be shortsighted as to not able to see the outcome. “The lovers of God never runs out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.”  Rumi

The Lord’s Prayer says give us this day our DAILY bread, not: tell me six months ahead of time what my job is going to be, right?  We don’t need to know the whole road, we just need to be led to the next right step.

We get from life what we give out.  Not what we think we’re entitled to or deserve.  But what we give out.  I expect if I keep myself in motion looking for people to help and work that needs to be done, then I’ll be led to my next step to make that happen.  If I think I have to scheme and lie and cheat and criticize and bad mouth and wish harm on someone else, no matter what harm they’ve done to me, then that is what I can expect to receive back.  I wasn’t always an angel, I cleaned up my act and it wasn’t easy and it took time, but it’s done now which is why I have an easy and happy life today.

You need to keep your thoughts uplifted. In your mind TRUST AND KNOW that you will be led to the perfect resolution.  Remind yourself often and know it’s on the way.  “I don’t see it yet but thank you God I know it’s on the way to me, as your beloved child.”

As hopeless as any situation feels, it‘s really only your thoughts that you’re dealing with, and you have the power to change those.

I understand what you mean about the insights you’re having during your contemplation times, and about how the thoughts of God being in you goes against what so many of (your Christian) people believe, so you can’t talk about it to them. That’s one of the struggles we go thru during the 39th-42nd year (astrologically the Uranus opposition.)  It’s when we question our beliefs up to now and take a good hard look at them. The guidance that bubbles up is how God talks to us. You’re so right that if you keep studying the old manual (the Bible,) you never learn anything new. But if you continue to listen to the voice inside, you’ll begin to be able to discern His voice from your own.

God has given you this time alone with your thoughts. This is what he’s created this space for. What you do with it is up to you. And don’t worry, He knows you didn’t really know you were on this path and everything would be a test of how conscious you can remain to do His work no matter what obstacles are thrown before you. You didn’t fail any test that the rest of us haven’t failed for lifetimes as well. Welcome to the club. We’re all on this Path together and most of us never meet in person.

Do you know how you can go your whole life and have people treat you one way and you think that is how life is and that is who you are and then suddenly you wake up to how life can really be and who you really are, with people who see that in you, and it’s so much better than you ever dreamed of?   It makes all the difference in the world to be around people who believe in you and support your dreams and visions and encourage you.  It makes all the difference to know you are seen as who you want to see yourself as, not just who your family saw you as when you were a kid.

It’s true that our perceptions create our personal reality, that how we choose to look at the world determines what kind of world we will live in. And two people living under the same roof can live in very different worlds. One of them can believe we are all at the mercy of Fate, and the other can believe we each create our own reality.

Even for those of us who believe we create our own reality, there is one concept that most just can’t seem to get. They think if they ponder and dream on what they want, that what they want should just come of its own accord. They don’t realize that what they do and how they think and what they say in all other areas of their lives impacts the creation process as well.

You can’t hate your boss and criticize your co-workers and expect to find your dream job – it’s all related. You can’t ignore your mother and be fighting with your sister and expect to draw in your perfect mate – it’s all related. If you watch the news and get aggravated by it, that’s impacting your creation process. If you listen to politicians and think anyone is unethical, that impacts your creation process. If your boss is unreasonable and rude, and you have any emotional reaction of discontent or dislike toward him on a regular basis, that definitely impacts your creation process. And not just in the area of career and income. It impacts it in all other areas. Even areas you don’t think you have resistance in.

That’s where I find most people get hung up. They don’t get that it’s all related. They don’t get that they’ve already done all the daydreaming and pre-paving of their creation, the Universe is just waiting for them to release their resistance and allow their creation to come to them.

It’s way more important to release resistance than it is to visualize what you want your outcome to be. It took me years to learn that. It took me years after hearing it so well said by Abraham-Hicks in the late 80’s to release resistance I didn’t know I had, or to even understand there was a process I could do to discover where I had resistance and a process to release it.

For me, the key was when Abraham-Hicks said – no one else was talking about this back in the 80’s – that every subject is 2 subjects: that which we want and the lack of it, and we’re either focused on one or the other. I’d never heard that concept before and it changed the way I saw everything after that.

We can always tell what we’ve been focusing on, because it shows up in our lives. It shows up in our relationships with others, it shows up in what kind of job we have and how much money we make and the state of our health and happiness.

If you and your partner are in business together, how you feel about him affects your business and affects your income. How he feels about you affects your business and affects your income. You can’t think about and treat your partner one way and expect the Universe to deliver to you anything other than what you’re sending out. And only one of you has to change how you think and feel about the other in order to effect a change in the outcome. And a change in the income.

This is where we can fully realize the power of the Now: by choosing in this moment right now to quiet our personal storms and release any old baggage we have with whoever is the closest to us; whoever we have to see every day and who has been in our life for the most years. Forget everything that has ever happened between you in the past. Stop bringing to mind all past transgressions.

When he pushes your buttons and a past memory comes up, make a choice to turn your thoughts around right then. Bring to mind the things he does that you love. Bring to mind all the good reasons you are together and how much fun you have when things are going well. That’s how best to use the power of the Now: to dissipate old baggage and transform the Now moment into an enjoyable, delicious time for you and everyone around you. No matter what storms might appear to be raging around you.

And, in the Now, don’t be worrying about what the news tells you about the economy or the storms brewing in the Atlantic. This too shall pass. Be prepared, but be in the moment with it all. Look around you right now, in this moment, and take inventory of everything that is going right in your life. Storms will come and go, but we can get through them, it’s just a cycle. So breathe a sign of relief and get onto your next good thing.
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You talked about being wound up, notice that wound also spells wound. When we’re wound up tight as a drum, we’re all wrapped up in our wound (which is asking for healing.)

This is something I read very early on and it helped me understand the emotional body: “The body and the man are two, and the man’s will is not always what the body wishes. When your body wishes something, stop and think whether you really wish it. For you are God, and you will only what God wills; but you must dig deep down into yourself to find the God within you, and listen to His voice, which is your voice.

Do not mistake your bodies for yourself-neither the physical body, nor the astral, nor the mental. Each one of them will pretend to be the Self, in order to gain what it wants. But you must know them all, and know yourself as their master.

When there is work that must be done, the physical body wants to rest, to go out walking, to eat and drink; and the man who does not know says to himself: “ I want to do these things, and I must do them.” But the man who knows says: “This that wants is not I, and it must wait awhile.”

Often when there is an opportunity to help some one, the body feels: “How much trouble it will be for me; let some one else do it.” But the man replies to his body: “You shall not hinder me in doing good work.”

The body is your animal – the horse upon which you ride. Therefore you must treat it well, and take good care of it; you must not overwork it, you must feed it properly on pure food and drink only, and keep it strictly clean always, even from the minutest speck of dirt. For without a perfectly clean and healthy body you cannot do the arduous work of preparation, you cannot bear its ceaseless strain.

But it must always be you who controls that body, not it that controls you. The astral (emotional) body has its desires – dozens of them; it wants you to be angry, to say sharp words, to feel jealous, to be greedy for money, to envy other people their possessions, to yield yourself to depression. All these things it wants, and many more, not because it wishes to harm you, but because it likes violent vibrations, and likes to change them constantly. But you want none of these things, and therefore you must discriminate between your wants and your body’s.

Your mental body wishes to think itself proudly separate, to think much of itself and little of others. Even when you have turned it away from worldly things, it still tries to calculate for self, to make you think of your own progress, instead of thinking of the Master’s work and of helping others. When you meditate, it will try to make you think of the many different things which it wants instead of the one thing which you want. You are not this mind, but it is yours to use.”
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At The Feet Of The Master by Krishnamurti

This was excerpted from the November 30, 2011 post entitled Helping a friend in their unfolding while incarcerated, astrology, astral entities and more, with the personal info stripped out of it.

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