Heads up, everyone has security cameras now

What you used to be able to do in secret is no longer secret.  Eyes are always on you and big brother IS watching. A friend is glad she upgraded her home security cameras because she just caught her ex vandalizing her property, clear as a bell. He knew where the old camera was but didn’t count on the new ones. It’s a shame because he has so much going for him but he can’t let go of the anger. It clouds everything he does, he thinks she ruined his life but he’s the one making bad decisions now. He’s violating a restraining order and he’s on probation, so this will land him in jail. It’s very sad when someone is unable to move on, when all they can focus on is hating and getting revenge. And he’s the one always talking about “karma will get you.” Karma doesn’t get you, you get yourself.

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