Guaifenesin – Generic Mucinex – to the Rescue!

What a week this has been.  I had a headcold that really knocked me down for half a day the last 8 days.  I don’t know if it’s a cold or allergies due to the high oak pollen count right now.  My five live oaks have all lost their leaves but the six laurel oaks are fully leaved.  I began taking WalMart’s generic Mucinex ($10 less than the brand name, it’s called Mucus Cough Relief, active ingredient guaifenesin) and it began working right away.  I was afraid it would make me cough a lot, but it didn’t.  Pretty amazing really, it lets me work for lots of hours while the congestion moves through my system.

Yesterday we did the mailing of the March Horizons and it was a really fun morning.  By 1:00pm I was home and ready for a giant nap to sleep my congestion away.  Of course Izzy, my big giant kitty decided he wanted attention so he was up in my face.   He does not realize he upsets the balance when he lays his 30 pound body on the foot rest of the big puffy chair when I’m in it.  I like to be close to my kitties, but not necessarily to have them right on me and in my face.

I’m not really bothered by whatever this congestion is because it’s making me realize that I don’t have to work as hard as I do to get it all done.  I can take time to rest and relax and the work all gets done on time.  Maybe that’s the entire purpose of it. I feel fine, I just ran out of steam quickly this week, but a quick meal and nap fix me right up.   It felt good to work my muscles yesterday doing the moving and lifting of the mail sacks.  It got me out of breath and I think that’s good to help clear the congestion.

When I used to get allergy attacks or head colds, I’d always worry that it might be something worse than it was.  Now I’ve learned I just get them, whatever they are, and whether I treat them or not they last the same amount of time. My body allows me to get them when I am stressed and don’t know it.  At least know I am aware when it’s going on and I take steps to rest more and have more fun.

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Real life fun, remember that?


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