Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your Friends? Don’t Assume Mine Are Either

I periodically get emails from friends – people I really know – asking about this guy or that that they have accepted as a Facebook friend since they saw my name as a “mutual friend.”  It should be no surprise that out of the almost 3000 “friends” I have on Facebook as of this writing, I only really know maybe 300 of them.  Of that 300, I may know half only through business association, and not know their personal life at all.  My rule for accepting Facebook friends is just accept everyone who asks unless my spidey sense goes off and says not to.  I had accepted Paul See, an Australian doctor, last year then suddenly was flooded with friend requests by dozens of what appeared to be teenage Asian hookers, who then started culling my Friends list. I didn’t get upset, I simply unfriended them.  It happens often with people who call it networking, the going in to someone’s profile to request to befriend their friends.

I ask to befriend new people that I’ve seen make a comment on someone’s post that I think is interesting.  But lots of people do it simply to increase their friend count.  I don’t care how many friends I have, I simply want a community of like minds I can hang with online.  I don’t need to make money off them.  I don’t need to date them.  But that’s just me.  So if someone is sending you messages, don’t imagine that I really know them unless you send me a message and ask me specifically about them.  I likely do not.


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