Group pushes for legal marijuana in Florida — Petition here

There’s a new effort to legalize marijuana in Florida and not just for medical reasons. Petitions are about to hit the streets soon in a push to get voters to decide whether to legalize marijuana for anyone over 21. Jodi James with Florida Cannabis Action Network in Melbourne is behind a new effort to make it happen.  An affiliated political action group called Floridians for Freedom is gearing up for a massive, statewide push to gather signatures on a constitutional amendment that would make marijuana legal for anyone over the age of 21. It’s a separate effort from the medical marijuana petition led by attorney John Morgan last year. Organizers said the effort is a simple civil liberty issue, not a medical issue, and would allow lawmakers to regulate how it’s sold. They want to get one million registered voters to sign the petition to get it on the 2016, if not the 2018, ballot. Mike Morgan, of the Morgan and Morgan law firm, who is working with the medical marijuana issue, said he doesn’t think the effort will impact what they are trying to do.  The Petition here –>   Original article at’

On Legalizing Marijuana.  Wanting repeal of prohibition isn’t just about getting high. Cannabis is a natural medical treatment. It is a miracle plant put here by a loving Creator, for a reason. It is a sacrament. It is holy. And it’s not just about the medicinal side, it’s also about getting industrial hemp growing in this country again.


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