You gotta tell me the rules if you want me to follow them

ignoring youApparently I committed a major faux pas today. I saw a lesbian acquaintance at a friend’s place of business.  I recognized her from the back and said, “Sandy, hi.”  That’s the name I know her by, although she also goes by a nickname which did not immediately come to mind since her giant tattoo was on the side away from me.  I haven’t seen her in 15+ years.  She ignored me and wouldn’t even turn around when I touched her on the shoulder and said, “hi, it’s Andrea.”  She got up and left, saying goodbye to the store owner and not even turning in my direction.  I was told she no longer goes by “Sandy” at all.  She now only answers to the nickname.  She considers herself a man, not a lesbian. Dude,  WTF? For the record, I don’t care about your genitalia, nor whether you’re straight or gay, nor what color nor religion nor size and shape nor political party you are.  If you reached the age of 30 being known as one name, don’t be shocked when some unknowing someone from the past calls you that name.  So what if they don’t know your new name or your new rules.  It’s simple courtesy to say, “Hi, please call me “Barry.” ‘Nuff said.  Communication is the key.