Give your kids the tools to live a productive life as an adult

A child tells his dad that their mom isn’t around overnight. Dad asks mom about it. Mom punishes kid for telling. Um, what was the kid supposed to do?  It’s not an easy thing to do, raising our next generation. If you fought for custody, then care for them. We’ve got children raising siblings because their custodial parent can’t get it together yet she needs the child support so she won’t relinquish custody. Staying home with a child and making them your priority in their growth years goes a long way in healing the world. You can learn to enjoy it if you give yourself the chance. I promise it is just as fulfilling as partying with pals. I know several dads who would love to raise their kids. Grandparents have legal rights in Florida and if they are happy to share in the child’s life, they should not be denied visitation because one parent doesn’t like them. It takes a village. That village resides OUTside the home. Get your home schooled children with other kids so they can socialize – please prepare them for life, please, or let them visit with a loving parent or grandparent who can.  Your children are not your toys and you are responsible for giving them the tools to live a productive life after you are gone.

Shannon Burnett, the most natural mother I know